Classical Studies: Minutes

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Death Mask of Agamemnon
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Members: Steven Cerutti, Michael Enright, Charles Fantazzi, John Given, Anthony Papalas, Jonathan Reid, Eugene Ryan, Assoc. Dean Scott Snyder, John Stevens, David Wilson-Okamura, Tricia Wilson-Okamura, and student representative Lisa Wilbourne

Members Present: C. Fantazzi, J. Given, A. Papalas, J. Reid, S. Snyder, J. Stevens, D. Wilson-Okamura, T. Wilson-Okamura, L. Wilbourne

Meeting #2, January 21, 2004, held in Bate 3321, 3:35 pm

Agenda Item 1. Election of Officers:

Professor Stevens was elected chair and Prof. T. Wilson-Okamura as secretary.

Agenda Item 2. Invited Speakers

In the Fall semester, we sponsored a lecture with the Philosophy department by Prof. Dorothea Frede of the University of Hamburg, entitled "Plato's Critique of Writing and its Aftermath." This semester, on March 29th, Prof. Tom McCreight will be the Classical Studies speaker. There was a brief discussion on the topic of his talk, as he had offered the subjects of "Greek Pottery" and "The Odyssey and Cold Mountain." The members voted on the subjects and "The Odyssey and Cold Mountain." was selected. A brief discussion on how to coordinate this with the Southern literature faculty in the English department ensued and we will be contacting Prof. Margaret Bauer of the English department.

Agenda Item 3. Report on course offerings

Prof. Given is on leave this semester, working on a book-length project under the College Research Award. The course pack he developed for Greek for Reading has been adopted by the University of Melbourne. Prof. T. Wilson-Okamura is teaching Greek 1002 (first-year Greek) and 1004, where the students are reading Sophocles' Antigone. Prof. Fantazzi is offering Italian and Medieval Latin, which has two faculty enrolled. Prof. Stevens is offering Latin 1002 (first-year Latin) and 1004, where they are reading Virgil's Aeneid. He is also supervising a senior thesis on 1 Corinthians 13. Prof. D. Wilson-Okamura is offering two sections of ENGL 1000 (Appreciating Literature) where they are reading the Odyssey and Aeneid in translation. Prof. Papalas is offering courses in Greek and Roman history: the Roman history course has a high enrollment. Prof. Reid is offering World Civilization and Early Modern History, which has acted as a feeder course for students interested in the Classics.

Agenda Item 4. Classical Studies Enrollments for Spring 2004:

CLAS 1300 100
CLAS 2500 87
CLAS 3400 115
CLAS 3410 123
GRK 1002 5
GRK 1004 3
LATN 1002 26
LATN 1004 22
LATN 3002 2
LATN 4522 2
Total 485

Agenda Item 5. New Brochure

The new brochure was viewed and a discussion of its merits ensued. It was decided that several illustrations needed revision, and suggestions for improvement will be forwarded to the university publications department.

Agenda Item 6. Other Business

A brief discussion on the possibility of offering koinê Greek as part of the Greek series took place. Prof. Stevens also introduced various ideas for expanding the Great Books program and a discussion followed about what role Classical Studies might play in this expansion. Prof. T. Wilson-Okamura announced the scheduling of a joint film series with MRST and a discussion of possible film selections followed. Prof. Papalas suggested that faculty give brief introductions to films at the series, and this was met with approval by the committee.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.