Classical Studies: Minutes

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Death Mask of Agamemnon
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Michael Enright, Charles Fantazzi, John Given, Peter Green, Anthony Papalas, Jonathan Reid, Assoc. Dean Scott Snyder, John Stevens, David Wilson-Okamura, Tricia Wilson-Okamura, and student representative Lisa Wilbourne

C. Fantazzi, P. Green, J. Given, A. Papalas, J. Reid, J. Stevens, D. Wilson-Okamura, T. Wilson-Okamura, L. Wilbourne

Meeting #1, October 6, 2004, held in Brewster B202, 3-4 pm

The committee welcomed Peter Green, King Charles II Distinguished Visiting Professor of History and Classical Studies.

Professor Stevens agreed to serve as chair and secretary.

Prof. Stevens reported that the program has a significant increase in majors and minors, with 15 students declared as minors and 8 declared as Classics or Classical Civilization majors.

The committee discussed current courses: Prof. Green reports that 18 are registered for his seminar on the Persian Wars. Prof. Papalas reports that he is teaching Roman History, a graduate seminar on the Julio-Claudians, and Maritime History. Prof. T. Wilson-Okamura is teaching Latin 3 and Homer; Prof. Given is teaching Greek 1, 3, and Greek Tragedy in Translation; Prof. D. Wilson-Okamura is teaching The Classics from Homer to Dante, and Intro to Lit. on the theme of Epic (which led to a lively discussion of the best translations of classical texts, with Prof. Green holding forth at dramatic length, denouncing the wrongly famous, and lamenting the unjustly out of print); Prof. Fantazzi is teaching Caesar, Martial and some Latin composition in Latin 5, and Prof. Stevens is teaching Latin 2, and a fourth year course on Silver Latin. All four years of Latin and three years of Greek are currently being offered.

In the spring, Prof. Papalas will offer Greek History; Prof. T. Wilson Okamura Latin 4 and Greek 4; Prof. Given Greek 2 and a directed reading on Aristophanes at the 6th semester level; Prof. Fantazzi will offer a Medieval & Renaissance Studies Seminar on Erasmus; and Prof. Stevens will offer Latin 2 and a third year course on Augustan poetry.

The committee voted to allocate part of its honorarium budget in support of Carin Green's lecture on Friday Nov. 5 at 12:30 in Brody 2E 100, co-sponsored by the program in Medical Humanities, entitled, "Three Women and a Dog. Alternative Medicine in the Ancient World." The committee empowers Profs. Papalas and Green to select a candidate to give a talk in the spring.

Prof. Papalas brought to the attention of the committee three other talks:

  • On October 20, there will be a ceremony presenting a posthumous Festschrift to Gerda Nischan, wife of History Prof. Bodo Nischan, entitled, "Confessionalization in Europe 1555-1700. Essays in Honor and Memory of Bodo Nischan." ed., John M. Headley, Hans J. Hillerbrand, and Anthony J. Papalas (Ashgate 2004). Supported by a generous gift from the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences.
  • On November 10 at 12:30 in Brody 2W 50, Prof. Green will speak on "What You See is What You Cure: Magic, Medicine, and the Principle of Apparent Causality in Pliny's Natural History."
  • On November 18 at 8pm in Science and Technology OC 307, Prof. Green will present the 23rd annual Lawrence F. Brewster Lecture in History on the topic, "Alexander of Macedon: Icon and Enigma".

Prof. Stevens invited committee members to join Profs. Given and Wilson-Okamura at the fall open house on Sat. Nov. 13 in the Bate building. Prof. T. Wilson-Okamura offered to take brochures over to the Honors office and asked the committee's opinion on renewing the Classics film series. Various possibilities were discussed, including taking a group to see Oliver Stone's Alexander when it comes out.

CLAS 1300 103
CLAS 2001 1
CLAS 2500 27
CLAS 3400 115
CLAS 3410 121
CLAS 4000 1
CLAS 4523 1
GRK 1001 13
GRK 1003 3
GRK 3001 2
LATN 1001 55
LATN 1003 26
LATN 3001 4
LATN 4001 2
LATN 4523 1
Total 475

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.