Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli
Minutes of the Classical Studies Program

Members: John Given, Frank Romer, David Wilson-Okamura, Steven Cerutti, Megan Perry, Jonathan Reid, John Stevens, Lee Johnson, Laura Mazow, Marylaura Papalas, Tricia Wilson-Okamura

Meeting: Bate 3321, 4-5pm

Present: Mazow, Maher, D. Wilson-Okamura, Given, Johnson, T. Wilson-Okamura, Ellison, Stevens

1. Elections: Given elected as Director; Stevens volunteered as secretary, webpage editor

2. Prof. Given's meeting with Dean Downs. An important focus for all programs is recruitment of majors. HCAS and its interdisciplinary minors should not be service programs only.

3. Low enrollment courses: LATN 3001 was flagged this fall based on the UCFS report goal to cut the number of courses with fewer than 10 students in half. Prof. Given provided data showing that Classics is generating 174% of the funding formula of SCH /FTE. We asked Assoc. Dean Maher to communicate to the Dean that we teach large enrollment FC courses specifically to justify the existence of a couple of low enrollment courses in the languages. Dr. Maher explained some of the college's approaches to meet the UCFS metric and how the program should respond to this challenge.

4. Recruitment. CLAS is stronger than ever; Latin is up, best spring numbers in 2014 in several years; Greek is steady to a bit lower. 12 majors (plus a couple of stragglers = nominally 16) of whom 1 will graduate in fall and 3-4 in spring. Will write recruiting letters; look at a high profile event. 8 minors (3 prospective). In order to increase majors, cohesiveness (building program identity) is important. How to bring in students outside the program is the challenge. Pitch to courses. Will combine forces with RELI and perhaps MRST to staff open house, summer orientation etc.

5. Curriculum Changes. Two courses, noted by review as inactive for the last 10 years, CLAS 2001 (FC:SS) and CLAS 2002 (FC:FA) were approved by the committee as acceptable to be deleted by the Undergraduate Banked Courses Initial Cleanup Action Plan proposed by the University Curriculum Committee (UCC).

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