Forma Urbis Romae: Ara Pacis

Minutes: Classics Committee Meeting, Feb. 11, 2015. 3pm Bate 2003.

Present: John Given (director), Tricia Wilson-Okamura, Lisa Ellison, Laura Mazow, Megan Perry, John Stevens, David Wilson-Okamura (secretary of the day)

The director reported that majors are down for this time of year (to 12, from 16 or 17), but minors are up (to 12, from 8 or 9). Enrollments in CLAS classes are the highest ever (3138 SCH). The total enrollment numbers are strong; what we need to work on is the balance of large and smaller classes.

Marylaura Papalas reported on her new modern Greek course by email.

We discussed the College’s intention to lower the number of credits required for a minor, from 24 to 15 or 18. We think 18 credits would still be a respectable minor; the director will present some concrete scenarios at our next meeting (in the fall).

We voted unanimously to decline Foreign Languages and Literature (FLL)’s invitation to join their FORL degree. Although some of classes are taught in FLL, many are taught in other departments: art history, history, anthropology, English, et al.

We voted not to create new honors courses, since the courses would run infrequently and have low enrollments. In the catalogue, MULT majors qualify for honors if they have a 3.5 GPA or higher in the major. There was no appetite for reviving the thesis requirement. [DW-O: This is what I recorded during the meeting, but Given’s own written statement mentions a thesis, which he read at the meeting, mentions a thesis. We should certainly clarify this at our next meeting.]

We unanimously approved three proposals for Global Diversity.

We discussed recruitment at some length. We contemplated a toga party/staged reading of a Platonic dialogue, not so much as an outreach event to non-majors as to build the esprit du corps of the majors we already have. Only two students have responded to Given’s invitation to form an undergraduate classics society (the original suggestion came from one of the students who did not respond). Classics is an excellent preparation for law and med schools, so we want to recruit in the University’s pre-med and pre-law societies; also, with Marianna Walker’s permission, in the Honors College. Tricia Wilson-Okamura announced that the next recruitment event will be a classics pub night at Winslow’s. Later this spring, she and Ellison are going to set up a Tumblr for students to submit classically-themed images.

Finally, the MULT program is starting its seven-year self-review. Stevens will collect information on the research productivity of our faculty.

Meeting adjourned 4:20pm

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