Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli

Minutes: Classics Committee Meeting, September 10, 2015. 2pm Bate 3321

Present: John Stevens (Acting Director), Megan Perry (Acting Secretary), Laura Mazow, Tricia Wilson-Okamura, David Wilson-Okamura, Lisa Ellison, Marylaura Papalas, Jacob Parks (student representative)

Welcome:. Stevens was welcomed as Acting Director; Perry volunteered as secretary; and Jacob Parks was welcomed and elected as student representative.

Agenda Item 1: Changes to Classical Studies Minor

Stevens proposed reducing minor from 24 to 18 hours following other program minors in HCAS.  Changes introduced to the committee were:

  • No longer double-counting courses from the Foreign Language requirements; requirements would now include GRK or LATN 1003 and 1004 as cognates which might count toward electives for students who do not have a foreign language requirement; modified the proposed language under electives to read “LATN or GRK courses not used to satisfy foreign language requirements (if any) for your major”.
    • After discussion about the difficulty of having what is in effect a 2 year FL requirement, the committee deferred to the proposal of the Classics Curriculum Committee to keep a 1003-1004 language requirement.
  • Reducing core requirements from 15 to 9 s.h. (HIST 3405 or 3410, CLAS 2220 or 2230, and CLAS 4000)
    • Approved
  • Deleting PHIL 3350 and RELI 5000 from electives and adding HIST 5340
    • Approved deleting RELI 5000 and adding HIST 5340
    • Tabled deletion of PHIL 3350 to see if Classical philosophers would be taught regularly in course.
  • Changing catalogue copy as proposed by Stevens
    • Approved copy subject to inquiry about PHIL 3350

Agenda Item 2: Report by Jacob Parks on proposed student initiatives/involvement

  • Start Classical Student Association (CSA)M
    • First meeting was Sept 9
    • Next meeting October 14
    • Planned field trip to NCMA on October 17
    • Involvement in ECU Open House Oct 24th
    • Encourage students to present at CSA meeting on current papers/research
    • Joint seminar with History Honors Society on Effective Presentations (Sept. 30)
    • Spread the word on the CSA!
  • Pub nights scheduled for Sept. 9 and Oct. 22

Agenda Item 3: Open House on 10/24

  • Tricia W-O will represent Classical Studies (along with students from CSA)

Agenda Item 4: Majors/Minors

  • Currently 12 majors and 10 minors
  • 7 majors and 6 minors will be graduating in 2015/2016
  • Recruit!!

Agenda Item 5: Spring courses

  • Discussed possibility of teaching senior seminar with upper level Latin course (Seneca’s tragedies) because of lack of faculty
  • Mazow is teaching Egypt Class (ANTH 3118)
  • Perry is teaching Death & Disease (ANTH 3030)
  • Petra field school Summer Session I


  • Possible lecture on a philosophical topic
    • Co-host with Philosophy? History?

Respectively submitted,
Megan Perry

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