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The Brothers Menaechmus

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A Comedy by Titus Maccius PLAUTUS
In a translation by Douglass Parker
Directed by John Given
January 28, 29 and 30, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.
At the Recital Hall of the Fletcher Music Center (School of Music)
On the campus of East Carolina University
FREE Admission          No Tickets Required
Co-sponsored by the Program in Classical Studies
and The Center for Student Leadership & Civic Engagement


Cast and Crew

Menaechmus One: Kelly Hunnings
Menaechmus Two: Darrell Purcell
Diddley: Brandy Whorley
Smug: Audrianna Frederick
Loveykins: Alexandria White
Dovey: Colleen Kilcoyne
Antiquides: Danielle Bryan
Prologue: John Given
Dr. Klyster: Rosie Markadakis
Spatula: Michael Gambino
Skivvee: Cecilia Collins
Company: Samantha Canada
     Steven Knezevic
     Daniel McClure
     Ushma Patel
     Courtney Wells
Stage Manager: Desiree Brandt
Lighting Designer: Joshua Pake
Costume Designer: Louanne Hoverman
Music Director: Will Banks
Stage Crew: Lizzie Smith
Advertising Manager: Tricia Wilson-Okamura


Production Photos


Photographs by Ryan Harper and John Given. Used by permission.