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Plautus's Menaechmi at ECU

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The Brothers Menaechmus

A comedy by Titus Maccius PLAUTUS

in a translation by Douglass Parker

Directed by John Given

January 28–30, 2011

Recital Hall of the Fletcher Music Center

on the campus of East Carolina University

Sponsored by the Program in Classical Studies and
The Center for Student Leadership and Civic Engagement


Cast and Crew

Menaechmus One: Kelly Hunnings
Menaechmus Two: Darrell Purcell
Diddley: Brandy Inez
Smug: Audrianna Frederick
Loveykins: Alexandria White
Dovey: Colleen Kilcoyne
Antiquides: Danielle Bryan
Prologue: John Given

Dr. Klyster: Rosie Markadakis
Spatula: Michael Gambino
Skivvee: Cecilia Collins
Company: Samantha Canada
     Steven Knezevic
     Daniel McClure
     Courtney Wells

Stage Manager: Desiree Brandt
Lighting Designer: Joshua Pake
Costume Designer: Louanne Hoverman
Music Director: Will Banks
Stage Crew: Lizzie Smith
Advertising Manager: Tricia Wilson-Okamura

Production Photos

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Photographs by Ryan Harper and John Given. Used by permission.

The cast tires of Prologue's lengthy exposition.Menaechmus One proudly displays the Pelisse he has stolen from his wife.The cook Spatula is the first to mistake Menaechmus Two for his long lost twin.The parasite Diddley confronts the wrong Menaechmus.Diddley urges Dovey to rebuke her husband Menaechmus. This time, he gets the right one.Dovey summons her father, Antiquides, to mediate the marital dispute.Menaechmus Two, feigning madness, prepares to charge his four-horse chariot against Antiquides.Dr. Klyster's orderlies prepare Menaechmus One for an examination.