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From the people who brought you
last year's Lysistrata...

The Brothers Menaechmus

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A Comedy by Titus Maccius PLAUTUS
In a translation by Douglass Parker
Directed by John Given
January 28, 29 and 30, 2011 at 8:00 p.m.
At the Recital Hall of the Fletcher Music Center (School of Music)
On the campus of East Carolina University
FREE Admission          No Tickets Required
Co-sponsored by the Program in Classical Studies
and The Center for Student Leadership & Civic Engagement


Click here for production photos!

The Play

The Brothers Menaechmus (or Menaechmi) is a second-century B.C. comedy by the oldest Roman comic playwright whose work survives, Plautus. Known for his slapstick and verbal wit, Plautus is a precursor of modern situation comedies; this play is the direct source for Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors and Rodgers' and Hart's The Boys from Syracuse. The Brothers Menaechmus tells the story of twin brothers separated in childhood by a vile kidnapper. Now adults, they find themselves in the Greek city of Epidamnus. They meet everyone in the city, except each other. Even the one brother's wife—and his beautiful courtesan lover—cannot tell them apart. Featuring a cast of clueless twins, clever slaves, seductive prostitutes, quack doctors, burly sailors, disgruntled wives, gourmet chefs, tottering fathers and even a hungry parasite, The Brothers Menaechmus will leave its laughing audiences seeing double.

Roman Masks

Cast and Crew

Menaechmus One: Kelly Hunnings
Menaechmus Two: Darrell Purcell
Diddley: Brandy Whorley
Smug: Audrianna Frederick
Loveykins: Alexandria White
Dovey: Colleen Kilcoyne
Antiquides: Danielle Bryan
Dr. Klyster: Rosie Markadakis
Spatula: Michael Gambino
Skivvee: Cecilia Collins
Company: Samantha Canada, Steven Knezevic, Daniel McClure, Ushma Patel, Courtney Wells
Stage Manager: Desiree Brandt
Lighting Designer: Joshua Pake
Costume Designer: Louanne Hoverman
Music Director: Will Banks
Advertising Manager: Tricia Wilson-Okamura