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Classical Studies
BA in Multidisciplinary Studies: Classical Civilization

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Colossal Head of Constantine
Required Courses: Students pursuing this concentration as a second major or second degree may double count up to 12 sh from other degree programs or Foundations Curriculum requirements. No double counting is allowed if this concentration is the only major of a first degree.
  Required Cognates for the BA degree: Foreign Language through level 1004 (12 sh).
Take 1001-4 of the same language from:
  LATN 1001 Latin Level I
  LATN 1002 Latin Level II
  LATN 1003 Latin Level III
  LATN 1004 Latin Level IV
  GRK 1001 Ancient Greek Level I
  GRK 1002 Ancient Greek Level II
  GRK 1003 Ancient Greek Level III
  GRK 1004 Ancient Greek Level IV
Course requirements in Classical Civilization (30 sh).
Classical history (3 sh). Choose one of:
  HIST 3405 History of Ancient Greece to 146 BC
  HIST 3410 History of Ancient Rome
Classics Seminars (6 sh). CLAS 2220 or CLAS 2230; and CLAS 4000:
  CLAS 2220 Great Works of Ancient Literature I: Greece
  CLAS 2230 Great Works of Ancient Literature II: Rome
  CLAS 4000 Seminar in Classical Studies
Core Courses. An additional (6 sh) from above (including foreign language) or from the following:
  ANTH 3030
Death and Disease in the Classical World
  ANTH 3118
Pyramids, Pharaohs and Mummies: The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
  CLAS 2000 Introduction to the Classics (Humanities)
  CLAS 2001 Introduction to the Classics (Social Sciences)
  CLAS 2002 Introduction to the Classics (Fine Arts)
  CLAS 2500 Greek Tragedy in Translation
  GRK 3001 Homer and Hesiod
  GRK 3002 Age of Herodotus
  GRK 3330 Greek Prose Composition
  GRK 3700 Selected Topics in Ancient Greek
  GRK 4001 Athenian Drama
  GRK 4002 Classical Greek Prose Authors
  GRK 4521-2-3 Directed Readings in Greek
  LATN 3001 Age of Cicero
  LATN 3002 Age of Augustus
  LATN 3330 Latin Prose Composition
  LATN 3700 Selected Topics in Latin
  LATN 4001 Silver Age Latin Literature
  LATN 4002 Roman Drama
  LATN 4521-2-3 Directed Readings in Latin
  PHIL 1311 Great Philosophers from Antiquity to the Present
  PHIL 3313 Ancient Philosophy
  PHIL 3321 Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy


Remaining courses (15 sh) may be chosen from above or from the following:

  ANTH/RELI 3113 Archaeology of the Old Testament World
  ANTH/RELI 3114 Archaeology of the New Testament World
  ART 1906 Art History Survey
  ART 2910 Ancient Art History
  ART 2920 Art of the Middle Ages
  CLAS 1300 Greek and Latin for Vocabulary Building
  CLAS 1500 Classical Mythology

CLAS 2400 Women in Classical Antiquity
  CLAS 3300 Ancient Greek Culture and Civilization
  CLAS 3400 Roman Culture and Civilization: The Republic
  CLAS 3405 Roman Culture and Civilization: The Empire
  CLAS 3410 The Ancient City: Pompeii
  CLAS 3500 Classical Drama in Performance
  CLAS/RELI 3600 Greek and Roman Religions
  CLAS 3700 Selected Topics in Classical Studies
  CLAS 4521-2-3 Directed Readings in Classics in Translation
  ENGL 3600 Classics from Homer to Dante
  HIST 3406 War and Society in Ancient Greece and Rome
  HIST 3412 A History of Christianity to 1300
  HIST 3415 The Middle Ages
  HIST 5340 The Ancient Near East
  HIST 5505 Maritime History of the Western World to 1415
  PHIL 3350 Great Philosopher
  RELI 5000 Religious Studies Seminar