Strongly Affiliated Professions

Many of our graduates have become Latin teachers at public and private secondary schools. Others have gone on to graduate school in Classics, History, Archeology, Early Christian Studies, and Museum Studies / Historic Preservation, with great success. Many of those with an MA have become history teachers at community colleges. Among those to attain the PhD are Professors of Classics, Ancient and Medieval History, and Archeology & Art History.

Affiliated Professions

The Classics is an excellent preparation for careers that involve the careful use of language and skills of close reading, or insight into organizational structure, complex systems, and political or administrative skills. Medical schools actually prefer applicants who have a humanities side, since so many of their applicants come from the sciences. An applicant with a 2nd major in Classics, or a 1st major who has completed the pre-med curriculum, may actually have a better chance of admission. Classics is a natural fit also with schools of law, theology, and journalism, and several of our graduates have become successful lawyers, ministers, reporters, media and communications consultants.

Good at so Many Things

Classics offers one of the best liberal arts educations, since it combines the study of grammar and rhetoric from ancient languages, the interpretation of great works of literature that operate on multiple levels of symbolism, and the interdisciplinary study of art, history, philosophy, politics, material culture, and iconography. As such, students of the Classics have a sophisticated skill set, and our graduates have succeeded in a variety of professions: intelligence analyst, diplomatic courrier, marketing, engineer, construction services recruiter, design consultant, band director, and even a football coach. Competition to become Classics professors is high: 76% of PhDs in Classics work in academia, but less than a third (23%) find tenure track jobs; the rest work as contingent faculty. The graphic shows the career paths of the 24% of Classics PhDs who work outside of academia.

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