John Stevens, Acting Director
Greek and Roman Philosophy and Poetry

Frank Romer
Greek & Roman Geography, Ethnography, and Religion

David Wilson-Okamura
Dante, Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare, Milton, reception of Classics

Steven Cerutti
Roman Republic, Cicero, Latin Oratory, Roman Topography, Pompeii

John Given
Greek Drama and Enlightenment

Megan Perry
Biological, Forensic & Middle East Anthropology, Bioarchaeology

Jonathan Reid
Reformation Latin Lit, Neo-Latin Poets of 16th c. French Renaissance

Lee Johnson
New Testament Studies, Pauline Theology

Laura Mazow
Middle-Eastern and Biblical Archeology, Ancient Technology

Marylaura Papalas
Surrealism, Avant-garde, French Literature, Modern Greek Literature

Tricia Wilson-Okamura
Classical and Japanese Epic, Aeschylus

Lisa Ellison
Latin 1001-1004


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