Mia Willis Pirate Profile 2016
Honores / κῦδος
Mia Willis, 2016
Pirate Profile: Mia Willis

Mia Willis is a double major in Anthropology and Classical Civilizations, holds the Papalas Scholarship, and has been a Classical Studies Curiatorial Intern at the NC Museum of Art in Spring 2017. Mia will attend graduate school in Classical Archeology in fall 2017.

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UT Knoxville Undergraduate Classics Conference
ECU at Tennessee Classics Conference

Mia Willis presented her research on Classical elements of temples in Baalbek and Gerasa at Sixth Annual Undergraduate Classics Conference at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Last year, Jacob Parks presented his work on "Augustus and the Army: Success, Failure and Reform" for which he received travel support from the ECU Office of Undergraduate Research.

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RCAW 2017 small
Classics Student Research at RCAW

Corry Atkinson made a Classics presentation at Research and Creative Achievement Week 2017 on Cryus' use of friendship in Xenophon's Cyropaedia. Last year Mia Willis presented on Greco-Roman Architectural Culture in the S. Levant, and Hannah Forde-Smith on Hesiod's narrative mode in Works and Days

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