Coastal and Marine Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

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Coastal and Marine Interdisciplinary Studies Requirements

Core Requirements

Detailed requirements of the COAS Minor can be found in the current Undergraduate Catalog.  These are generally described as Core and Elective options:
  • COAS 2025 Survey of Coastal and Marine Resources concentrates on an overview of coastal and marine resources, dilemmas, and a broad array of management and policy.
  • GEOL 1550 Oceanography focuses on the natural science of the oceans, benthic and pelagic environments, and physical, chemical, and geological characteristics and processes.
  • COAS 4025 Society and the Sea Seminar a research-oriented course tying together the physical and social sciences through case studies and a capstone research project.


The Minor requires elective credits chosen among anthropology, biology, economics, geography, geological sciences, history, planning, political science, or sociology for a total of 18 credits inclusive of the core classes. These electives should be chosen in consultation with your major advisor and the COAS Director.  Courses can include special topics and seminars, study abroad, or field-based experiential courses with prior approval.  

Example courses routinely offered include:

Biological Sciences
  • BIOL 1060 Environmental Biology
  • BIOL 4320 Ecological Responses to Global Climate Change
  • BIOL 4400 Restoration Ecology
  • BIOL 4250 Biological Oceanography
  • BIOL 3230 Field Botany and BIOL 3240 Field Zoology
Physical Sciences
  • GEOL 5300 Geology of Coastal Processes
  • GEOG 4220 Coastal Geography
  • GEOG 4440 Coastal Applications of GIS
  • GEOG 4540 Coastal Storms
  • GEOL 2500 The Atlantic Ocean and Mid-Atlantic Coast 
  • GEOL 2601 Analysis and Methods of Coastal Ocean Research
Social Science and Management
  • ECON 3855 Environmental Economics
  • PLAN 4055 Coastal Area Planning and Management
  • PLAN 4015 Emergency Management Planning
  • GEOG 4440 Coastal Applications of GIS
  • SOCI 3410 Introduction to Maritime Sociology
  • POLS 3256 Environmental Politics
  • ANTH 4260 Cultural Ecology
  • HIST 3980 Shipwreck Archaeology
  • COAS 4000 Scientific Diving and Underwater Research