hall of fame

List of Honorees, listed in the order of years when they were inducted

Scott Shook (Class of 1993)

Randall & Monica Parker

Francis Vaughn (Class of 1991)

Rick & JoAnn Landry

James Yeagle (Class of 1989)

Jeremy May (Class of 2003)

Caleb & Kirsten Jones (Class of 2007)

Joseph & Maryann Cuellar (Class of 2006)

James Manos (Class of 1991)

John Osborne (Class of 1969)

Dr. Andrew M. Gross & Mrs. Gina Leake Gross

Lonnie Pierce (Class of 1987)

Craig Casper (Class of 1994)

Harold C. Troxler (Class of 1957)


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