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ESL Classes


There are five levels of classes that start at high beginner and lead to the advanced level. Subjects taught include focus on the primary skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for academic, professional and social purposes. Due to enrollment and budgetary considerations, ECULA has been combining level 2 and 3 into one lower level and levels 4 and 5 into one upper level. Starting in Fall 2015, the lower level will be split into two separate levels 2 and 3. It is planned that by Fall 2016, the upper level will similarly be split into two separate levels, 4 and 5. Classes meet five days a week from Monday to Friday in two-hour blocks and cover the following areas:
  • ESL 0096 Oral Comprehension (7 hours per week, includes lectures and films)
  • ESL 0097 Oral Communication (7 hours per week, includes lab)
  • ESL 0098 Reading and Vocabulary (4 hours per week)
  • ESL 0099 Grammar and Writing (6 hours per week)
In order to provide the best learning environment for all students, ECULA classes begin and end on time, and there will be no departure from the established schedule, except due to classroom scheduling. All examinations will be held during the last regular meeting of the class.

Daily ESL Class Schedule


Morning Activities

Afternoon Activities

 Monday   Grammar/Writing   Oral Communication
 Tuesday   Reading/Vocabulary   Oral Comprehension
 Wednesday    Grammar/Writing   Oral communication
 Thursday   Reading/Vocabulary   Oral Communication
 Friday   Grammar/Writing   Oral Comprehension
Additional Required Activities




 Monday   Articulation and Pronunciation Laboratory
  2-3 pm
 Tuesday   Film Series
  2-4 pm
 Wednesday    Faculty Guest Lecture
  2-3 pm
Additional Optional Activities




 Thursday  Conversation group
  11-12 pm
   Peer Tutoring
  2-4 pm

ESL Class Terms and Important Dates

The ESL program has three entry points per year and follows the academic calendar of East Carolina University. Fall and spring semester programs are sixteen weeks long. The ten-week summer semester is ten weeks long and has a different teaching schedule.

Class Term Dates
Application Deadlines
Spring 2016: January 11 - April 27
Students in the US: December 21
Students outside the US: December 11
Summer 2016: May 23 - July 28
Students in the US: May 13
Students outside the US: April 20
Fall 2016: August 22 - December 6
Students in the US: August 12
Students outside the the US: July 22
Spring 2017: January 9 - April 26
Students in the US: December 22
Students outside the US: December 9

Please note, for those students wishing on campus housing, application must be made approximately three months before the beginning of the semester you are applying for. Students are recommended to apply as early as possible, because obtaining a US visa may take longer than anticipated.
Applicants can apply for conditional admission to ECU contingent upon successful completion of the Language Academy. Simultaneous application to both the ECULA and ECU is encouraged.