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Eftekhar Mayr

Alumna Spotlight: Christina Eftekhar Mayr

Alumna Christina Eftekhar Mayr, President of a local chapter of Society for Technical Communication, recently won an Award of Distinction (and candidate for Best of Show) in the STC Carolina technical communication competition and an Award of Merit at the STC International Summit. Her current success in the field of technical communication is the product of years of hard work, determination, education and experience, many years of which came from her time in undergraduate and graduate programs at East Carolina. Read the full spotlight on Christina.

cover of The Little Universe

Alumna publishes first book

The Department of English congratulates alumna Meghan Palko Bliss on the publication of her first book, The Little Universe. It can be purchased here. Bliss has had creative work published in Rust+Moth, Southern Women's Review, A Poetry Congeries, What the Fiction, Charlotte Writers Anthology, and Mary Jane's Farm, among others. For more information on alumni authors, visit the Alumni Bookshelf page.

 Recent Faculty Research

Applicative Arguments: A Syntactic and Semantic Investigation of German and English  

applicative arguments cover

This work by Associate Professor Solveig Bosse investigates sentences with applicative arguments in German and English and explains their structures in an event semantic framework. It provides an overview of the different structures and how they differ from one another within each language as well as across German and English. The analyses explore the meaning of the sentences focusing on the asserted and non-asserted meaning.

Primary Research and Writing

gaillet eble cover

Primary Research and Writing offers a fresh take on the nature of doing research in the writing classroom. Learn more about Associate Professor Eble.


 "Remix and Remediate: Social Composing for More Than Just the Web"

assessing students' digital writing
This book chapter, which appears in Assessing Students' Digital Writing, takes a deep dive into graduate student and teaching instructor Stephanie West-Puckett's first year composition classroom to understand the explore the institutional contexts of digital writing. Using the Looking Closely descriptive assessment protocol co-developed with her National Writing Project colleagues, the author describes and analyzes one student's digital story, illustrating how self-sponsored and schooling literacies merge in new media compositions. This piece is intended for the teacher who wants to learn more about remix practices as well as the teaching and assessing of digital writing.


"Aspects of access: considerations for creating health and medical content for international audiences"

Published May 2015 in Communication Design Quarterly, this article by Professor St. Amant examines aspects of access communication designers need to consider when creating instructional content for users in different international settings. Increasingly, health and medical communication involves a global perspective. Communication designers therefore need to identify approaches that can facilitate the usability of health and medical content in a range of international settings. In many cases, the central factor to consider is access. It comes down to one key question: Do the individuals in a given region have access to the materials needed to perform a particular health or medical process effectively –if at all? Understanding this factor is essential to creating effective instructional materials for diverse global contexts.


"Reconsidering Social Media for Global Contexts"

social media cover
Social media is increasingly part of the technical communicator's toolkit. At the same time, the international use of social media on the rise. It would therefore seem logical for technical communicators to use social media to connect with global audiences. Yet not all cultures use these technologies in the same way, nor do all individuals worldwide turn to the same social networking services to interact. This article by Professor St. Amant examines different aspects to consider when using social media to try to connect to greater global audiences.


 "The Sidneys in Ireland"

ashgate cover

Associate Professor Thomas Herron contributed a piece entitled "The Sidneys in Ireland" to this 2015 publication.

"St. Eustatius English"

Professor Michael Aceto has recently published an article documenting the St. Eustatius variety of English in Further Studies in the Lesser Known Varieties of English (published by Cambridge University Press).


 Special Issue on Educating and Training for Globally Distributed Virtual Teams: Preparing the Workforce of the Future

Conexions cover
This special issue (published February 2015) on education and training for globally distributed virtual teams seeks to examine the changing nature of the modern employment practices –and related teaching and training practices –through a variety of articles that present different ideas, approaches, and insights on how best to prepare individuals to succeed in this new workplace. Read the special issue or learn more about Professor St. Amant.


"Technical Rhetorics: Making Specialized Persuasion Apparent to Public Audiences"

gastric bypass image
In this essay, Assistant Professor Erin Frost and Associate Professor Michelle Eble argue that "technical rhetorics" is a concept that has affordances for thinking about how to critically communicate with public audiences about specialized information. Invoking specialized information and persuasion in combination can help remind us—technical communication researchers, teachers, practitioners—that we have an obligation to emphasize the persuasive nature of the work that we do and study when interfacing with public audiences. The authors use gastric bypass surgery as an example to apply their argument. Read the article here.


 Recent Faculty Creative Activity

 Domestic Garden

domestic garden cover

Domestic Garden is Associate Professor John Hoppenthaler's third volume of poetry with Carnegie Mellon University Press, one of the most important national presses for poetry in the United States.

A Poet Who Takes All Her Risks in Writing


Assistant Professor Amber Thomas was recently profiled on North Carolina Public Radio. Learn more via WUNC.

 "Later I Find Out My Mother Has Read on WebMD That Antioxidants Can Prevent Cancer"


Fiction Southeast has recently published Professor Luke Whisnant's short story "Later I Find Out My Mother Has Read on WebMD That Antioxidants Can Prevent Cancer."

Campus Ghost Walk/Folk Talk


Teaching instructor Randall Martoccia recently had a documentary entitled Campus Ghost Walk/Folk Talk aired on Greenville-Pitt Access Television (GPAT, Channel 23). View the documentary here

"Welcome to the Big Apple"

Transition cover

Associate Professor Marame Gueye has published a short story entitled "Welcome to the Big Apple" in Transition, a publication of the Hutchins Center at Harvard University.

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