English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO)

EGSO works to build a community of English graduate students at ECU and advocates on behalf of that community within the English department. EGSO strives to include students and faculty from multiple concentrations in our frequent academic and social events, fundraisers, and community activities. We welcome faculty volunteers who are interested in giving presentations, sharing professional advice, assisting at events, hosting socials, etc.

EGSO is designed to keep all graduate students in touch and address the issues that matter to all of us, whether new to the program or about to enter the academic job market. EGSO seeks to be pragmatic and flexible in pursuing its duel objectives of building community and facilitating advocacy.

EGSO is open to all graduate students both full-time and part-time who are admitted to a graduate degree program in the East Carolina University department of English.

EGSO aims to serve its members in a variety of functions:

  • To provide financial support in professional endeavors (e.g. conferences).
  • To be a means of fellowship between department of English graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  • To be a forum for the discussion of issues raised by the department of English graduate students, the Graduate School, and/or any other source that affects the department of English graduate program.
  • To promote the professional development of graduate students by aiding them in developing the knowledge and skills necessary to function as professionals in teaching, scholarship, and related professions.

On April 18th the English Graduate Student Organization (EGSO) will host its fifth annual conference! For the first time, this conference will be open to undergraduates as well. Attached below are a few more details. We hope you will participate!

This Conference Provides an Opportunity to:

  • Learn about the work and interests of your peers.
  • Gain conference experience in a friendly setting.
  • Expand your CV.
  • Present material related to your Thesis/CAP (in progress or potential) to receive feedback.
Ways to Participate:
  • Present a paper (perhaps one you wrote for a class).
  • Create a two or three-person panel (perhaps papers written for the same class).
  • Create a roundtable discussion (2 or more people) on a scholarly or pedagogical topic.
  • Design a poster presentation.
  • Read from your original creative writing (all genres welcome).


Papers and creative readings should be 15 minutes (7 double-spaced pages).
Three-person panels should total 45 minutes.
Roundtables should be 45 minutes.
Email 250-word proposal by April 1st to rowellc13@students.ecu.edu

EGSO 2014-2015 Officers

President: Christina Rowell

Vice President: Tim Buchanan

Secretary: Brianne Holmes

Treasurer: Danielle Lake

Historian/Social Media Coordinator: Kristi Wiley

Event Planner: Zach Clark


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