Study Abroad

The Department of English offers several faculty-led summer study abroad programs. These programs give you an opportunity to immerse yourself in a new location, while studying alongside other ECU students. If you are interested, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English. You may also find the College's study abroad opportunities and the University's Pirates Abroad opportunities helpful.

Paris Cafe


Expatriate authors, like Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ezra Pound, chose Paris to do their work and found inspiration there, as Stein wrote, “Your parents’ home is never a place to work.” Students will dine in the same cafes that these writers reveled in almost 100 years ago. They will see some of the same artworks and will stroll along the same gardens as those writers. Experiencing the city first-hand will impact the students’ knowledge and understanding of the literary works, and at the same time, the literary works make the touring more meaningful. 

Our program Americans in Paris in the 1920s and in 2019 includes both a course in literature (ENGL 2200: Major American Writers) and a course in creative writing (ENGL 2815: Introduction to Creative Writing). This dual focus is ideally suited to enrich the study-abroad experience and to lead students to those realizations that are at the core of the Pirates Abroad mission. By reading American authors’ writing in Paris, while also writing in Paris, students will reflect the generational differences and the cultural differences and gain a broader perception of present-day America, the world at large, and their identity as citizens of both, which is exactly what the authors we will study experienced. As ex-patriate writer Malcolm Cowley wrote, “We had come three thousand miles in search of Europe and had found America.”

TRAVEL DATES:  May 13, 2019 - May 26, 2019

PROGRAM LEADERS:  Randall Martoccia and Christy Hallberg

England (London)


At left, ECU students pose in front of one of the sets where Harry Potter was filmed. This is just one of the many potential day trips from our London study abroad program, which runs every summer. During this program, you may earn 6 s.h. credit toward graduation. To learn more, visit the ECU2London website.

You will wing your way to London, England for three weeks of studying the literature, art, design, culture, and folklore of one of the most vibrant, culturally-rich cities/countries in the world. If you’re interested in traveling to London, seeing the sights, and earning 6 undergraduate or graduate credits, this is the opportunity for you! 

Enrolling in two courses offered during Summer Session 2, you will complete coursework while also spending time exploring the bustling streets and picturesque parks of London proper. You may even choose to spend weekends in nearby Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, or elsewhere in Europe.

Dr. Richard Taylor, associate professor, has been making the trip with students almost every summer for the last 25 years, and is a tremendous asset to this trip. If you have questions about London, he’s the person to talk to! You can also find more information on our trip at PiratesAbroad. These classes move very quickly in London, as we’re there only three weeks. Each summer, we work hard to keep the time we spend “in class” in our flats down so that you can have time to explore the city.

Student Experiences

London was the best experience of my entire life. I always yearned for an adventure beyond the borders of the United States, and with this study abroad program, I got exactly what I had hoped for. I got to explore and immerse myself in an entirely new culture, learning their customs and slang while making new foreign friends in the process. The trip epitomized what learning should be: a fun experience. I learned so much in those 3 weeks, not just about course content, but about myself as a person. I also got to participate in a couple of once in a lifetime opportunities, like being the first girl to play in a British 5 a side soccer league or going to Harry Potter studios and fangirling over my favorite childhood series. My study abroad experience made me fall in love with a foreign country, and I can't wait to go back and visit, or maybe even move there.
-Meghan Boop (2013) 

The time that I spent in London was unforgettable. I got to stay in a flat, walk to the neighborhood tube station and really get the experience of being a local in such an amazing city. Will, Rick, and Brent put their heart and soul into designing the classes and activities to go together and incorporate all of the wonderful sites around London. They also gradually gave us less and less planned activities the longer that we were there which gave us a chance to learn and explore the city the way we wanted to. I learned so much about myself and all of the things that I can go and do in my time in London. On a free weekend a few of the students and I even went on a quick trip to Paris! I made everlasting friendships with the students that came with us and many Londoners in my time there. I constantly catch myself reminiscing on my time there as I'm drinking my morning tea. I now consider London my second home and I can't wait to return to another flat above those bustling streets that I love so much.
-Casey Olevsky (2013) 


Study global and cultural discourse in Belize! Live with a host family, study and explore with Belizean students, and take an optional trip to Tikal in Guatemala. Runs on a rotating schedule.


Runs on a rotating schedule.


Travel Writing in Prague 2018 will take ten students to the cultural capital of Bohemia for a month of studies during Summer I. The travel writing focus offers a unique lens through which to view an international experience. You'll enjoy learning to see one of the world's most important historic and vibrant cities more like a local than a tourist would.

We'll have classes in a mix of locations, including the beautiful gardens of our residence hotel; a nearby Hussite church; an assortment of public parks and gardens; and at nearby sidewalk cafes.

We'll stay in an exceptionally located pension in a safe residential neighborhood that's known for its restaurants and coffee shops--only a few minutes from central Prague's famed medieval Old Town and its New Town, founded in 1348. It's easy to enjoy getting lost wandering the winding cobblestone streets that connect the two.

Instructor Alex Albright is an award-winning writer, teacher and editor who's been an English and creative writing professor at ECU since 1981. He'll be assisted by excellent local guides and a local co-host. More about Travel Writing in Prague 2018:

For more information, call Alex: 252.328.4876, or email him: