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Undergraduate Advising

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Lida Cope (Director of Undergraduate Studies)
Matt Cox
Helena Feder
John Hoppenthaler
Amanda Klein
Marianne Montgomery
Liza Wieland

The department’s faculty advisors give students personal attention in designing programs that meet their needs and interests. Advisors create a supportive environment, enabling students to succeed while at ECU and to prepare for their careers after graduation. For more information on majoring or minoring in English, visit the Department of English in Bate 2201 or e-mail


English 4890 & 4891: Practicum: Careers in Writing

These internships provide students with numerous benefits:

  • Opportunities to work with professionals on communication projects.
  • Occasions for observing, analyzing, and commenting on work experiences.
  • Strategies for understanding the roles and responsibilities of communicators in a professional community.

A student can earn 6 semester hours (s.h.) by completing both Engl 4890 and Engl 4891, but most undergraduates complete only 3 s.h. so they can experience many different writing courses. Engl 4890 and Engl 4891 are available as web-based campus courses. Each course is 3 s.h., 140 hours of on-the-job work, and academic requirements. Courses may not be repeated.

If you are interested in doing an internship, contact Brent Henze, Internship Coordinator

The Career Center

A part of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, The Career Center assists students and alumni in planning for life after graduation. The Center obtains employers as partners and facilitates student opportunities in the public, private, governmental, and corporate sector. It provides workshops, programs, work experience, and professional development for all ECU students. The Career Center is located at 701 East Fifth Street.