As an English major or minor, you have the flexibility to compete in a rapidly-changing economy. You learn to analyze texts and images, create literary texts and professional documents for different people and purposes, develop digital design and editing skills, and apply an understanding of how  language develops and works toward helping people to better communicate. In addition to professional skills, you will learn to be a team player strong at decision making and problem solving, planning, organizing and prioritizing work, mining for, processing and analyzing data, and deploying job-related technical knowledge. Graduates with this degree are successful in many fields and careers including publishing, business, industry, and the public sector. Some career paths include:

  • Writing, editing, and publishing
  • Grant-writing, fund-raising, and providing outreach
  • Developing and curating information for the Web and social media
  • Training in professional settings
  • Serving as public information officers for businesses and municipalities
  • Preparing technical materials and documents in a variety of industries (e.g. Cisco and Nortel)
  • Solving problems related to language and pattern recognition (e.g. for the CIA/Department of State)
  • Teaching English and/or English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Developing materials and textbooks for language arts courses
The Department of English takes career planning very seriously. With an English degree, you can pursue nearly any kind of graduate study, and our graduates have earned advanced degrees in law, medicine, library science, counseling, business, teaching, journalism, and many other fields. To learn more about job possibilities for English graduates, check out this PDF handout

English Professional Seminar

English 4999: Professional Seminar is a one-credit free elective course offered each fall. This course is designed to help you, as a soon-to-graduate student, to think about careers in English. We emphasize that English is a major that prepares students for non-linear career trajectories; that is, rather than a narrow path to a particular profession, English majors face the happy dilemma of having a significant number of choices regarding how to begin their careers. The Professional Seminar course provides you with models of what a variety of English-oriented careers might look like. In addition, this course helps you start down your chosen career path. In the seminar, you will explore career and graduate school options, practice marketing yourself via print and digital means, prepare resumes and other professional documents, and reflect on the skills you've developed as English majors as part of completing the English Senior Portfolio.

The Career Center

A part of the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, The Career Center assists students and alumni in planning for life after graduation. The Center provides career counseling, workshops, programs, and professional development for all ECU students. Counselors in the career center help you to locate opportunities, use databases, prepare cover letter and resumes, and identify promising careers. You can make an appointment with the career counselor who works with English majors by calling 252-328-6050. The Career Center is located at 701 E. Fifth St. You can also view a PowerPoint presentation on Career Center resources for English majors.

More English Career Info

Want to learn more about the importance of an English degree? Check out our informational flyer or the media reports listed below on the importance of degree programs like ours: