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The English Club is open to majors, minors and non-major undergraduates and graduates at ECU. There are no fees, no GPA or attendance requirements. Meetings are very informal and everyone is welcome!

English Club is an informal organization of interested undergraduates; we hold regular meetings on alternate Wednesdays to discuss literature, film, writing, and any other topics of interest to members. We also sponsor events, service projects, readings, and an interdisciplinary intercollegiate undergraduate journal, Apollon. New members at any class level and of any major are always welcome, so tell your friends! See our projects here.

Questions? Contact Dr. Brian Glover, faculty advisor.

An English Club Tradition

Every year, beginning in 2011, the English department has sponsored a trip to the American Shakespeare Company in Staunton, Virginia. The playhouse is a replica of Shakespeare's own Blackfriars Theater, which his company acquired after it built the more famous Globe. Staunton's replica is one of only two in the whole world. Staunton itself is a small college town of bookstores and teashops. It's close to the Blueridge Parkway, where our group has often gone hiking. Over the years now we have seen many of Shakespeare's greatest hits, including Macbeth, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, and two productions of Hamlet; half of the history plays; several plays that are almost never seen on stage; plays by Shakespeare's contemporaries.
StauntonHere is what students have said about previous trips:

"There is almost a transcendental experience to hear Shakespeare’s words performed rather than read. The language becomes alive in a way it just can’t when its being read."

"It was a real privilege to see these plays performed in this meticulous and unique reconstruction of Shakespeare's contemporary theater. The performances were brilliant and really made the Shakespeare plays come alive for me in a way that the printed word can never approach."

"Traveling with a group of students from many different departments -- including a range from first-year students to graduate level -- was also an adventure, and offered the opportunity to meet and have interesting discussions with a really diverse group. The road trip aspect, of course, with its fostering of in-depth conversation, helped make this experience much richer than traveling alone ever could have."

"Prior to this, I had only seen one live Shakespeare production...Being able to see three Shakespeare plays in one weekend was exciting, especially since the playhouse is a reproduction of Shakespeare's original theater. It was also extremely affordable..."

"The Shakespeare trip to Staunton gave me an opportunity to not only watch incredible acting but incredible staging and interpretation of the plays as well."

"Going on the trip to to the Blackfriars Playhouse was unlike any prior theatrical experiences I have had, and provided me with the opportunity to witness and learn about some of the elements of Shakespearean theater I had only read about previously."

"The Staunton trip was one of the best experiences I've had so far in college. It was a great learning experience and I was able to form close bonds with fellow English majors and Shakespeare lovers."

"Going to Staunton to see Shakespeare's plays performed by professional actors was by far the most fun and rewarding event that I have been lucky enough to partake in in college; seeing Shakespeare's plays performed as well as other plays by different playwrights opened my eyes to and made me appreciate theater and the wonderful literature behind it."