With the exception of Emeritus Faculty (who are retired), this page lists all faculty currently responsible for instruction in the Department of English. To learn more about Staff and Administration, visit the About Us page.


Department Chair Emeritus

W. Erwin Hester, PhD


Patrick Anthony Bizzaro, PhD

Theodore R. Ellis, PhD

Julie Fay, PhD

James Holte, PhD

Donald L. Lawler, PhD

Peter Makuck, PhD

Douglas J. McMillan, PhD

Catherine Smith, PhD

Malcolm South, PhD

William E. Stephenson, PhD

Charles W. Sullivan III, PhD

Associate Professor

Ellen Arnold, PhD

William C. Cherry, PhD

Collett B. Dilworth, Jr., PhD

Marie Farr, PhD

Janice Hardison Faulkner, MA

Roberta Martin, PhD

Bruce Southard, PhD

Sherry G. Southard, PhD

Veronica Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Myra Cain, MA

Donna Congleton, PhD

Elizabeth Webb, MA

JoAnn F. Jones, MA

Mary Sorensen, MA

In Memoriam

Karen Baldwin, Associate Professor

Paul Dowell, Associate Professor

John Dale Ebbs, Professor

Bertie Fearing, Associate Professor

William Hallberg, Associate Professor

Deborah O'Neal, Teaching Instructor

Ralph Hardee Rives, EdD

F. David Sanders, PhD

Janice Tovey, Associate Professor

Alfred Wang, Associate Professor

Edith Webber, MA

Gay Wilentz, Professor

James R. Wright, Associate Professor