Graduate Programs


For more information on preparing a thesis or dissertation, please refer to the Vireo website, which is ECU's electronic thesis and dissertation submissions service.  It explains the required formatting and required elements.


General Forms

Directed Reading Form - Use this form to apply for permission to complete a Directed Reading

Event Scheduling Form - File to schedule an event, such as a CAP/thesis/dissertation defense, prospectus meeting, or comprehensive exams

Graduate School Forms

  • Request to Add Certificate
  • Request for Change of Program
  • Thesis to Non-thesis Change

Thesis or Dissertation - Required elements, formatting, Signature Page, and NEDL

Transfer Credit - File to apply for transfer credit

Travel Reimbursement Request - Submit request at least 30 days before departure

MA Forms

MA Degree Sheet - Chart progress in the MA (outdated; use Degree Works)

Concentration Declaration Form - File to declare or change MA concentration

English Studies Proposed Program of Study - Students concentrating in English Studies must file to outline the proposed program

Research Approval Form - File before beginning research for the the MA thesis.

CAP Pre-Approval Form - File the semester before completing the Comprehensive Assessment Project (CAP)

Prospectus Meeting Form - File after the Prospectus Meeting and before beginning the thesis

PhD Forms

Preliminary Review - File at the conclusion of the Preliminary Review (at the beginning of the second year/18 s.h. in the program)

Plan of Study - Map the PhD plan of study

Annual Review - This annual review form must be filed every year

Research Skills form - File to record completion of the research skills requirement

Request for Extension - Requirements for the PhD must be completed in 7 years; use this form to request an extension of that time

Comprehensive Exam Committee Formation Form - File to officially form the Comprehensive Examination Committee

Comprehensive Exam Journal-Ready Article form - File when submitting the journal-ready article to begin the Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Exam Core & Specialization form - File after assessment of the Core and Specialization portions of the Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Exam Oral Form - File at the conclusion of the oral portion of the Comprehensive Exam

Dissertation Committee form - File to form the dissertation committee

Dissertation Prospectus Defense form - File at the conclusion of the dissertation prospectus defense

Advancement to Doctoral Candidacy form - File at the conclusion of the dissertation prospectus defense

Dissertation Defense form - File at the conclusion of the dissertation defense