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 Johnny B

John (Johnny) Bebeau

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English, University of Florida
Concentration: Literature
GA Assignment: First Year Writing Studio, North Carolina Literary Review
Research Interests: Early and Modern American Literature, Film, Medieval Literature
Why ECU? ECU offered all of the opportunities I was looking for in a graduate program, both in areas of study and assistantships.
Future Plans: To pursue teaching opportunities, preferably at the community college level.

 Chris Bethel Christina (Chris) Bethel

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English, East Carolina University
MAT: English Education, East Carolina University
Graduate Degree: MA, English, East Carolina University
Research Interests: Exploring how culture, discourse, and rhetoric influence personal and professional identity framing and performance; Exploring how instructor communities of practice affect student learning and success in writing classrooms with a focus on community college and EFL settings; Exploring intersections of Japanese and Western culture in popular media.

 brooke-exline Brooke Exline

Undergraduate Degree: BS, Secondary English Education/English, East Carolina University
Concentration: Literature
GA Assignment: Writing Center consultant and TRWP
Why ECU? ECU is where I received my Bachelor's degree; it is home to me. I could not imagine going anywhere but ECU to obtain my Master's in English.
Future Plans: continue a career in the education field.

 Wonderful-Faison Wonderful Faison

Undergraduate Degree: BA , English, East Carolina University
Graduate Degree: MA,Education (Specializing in Higher Education), Ashford University
Concentration: Composition & Rhetoric
GA Assignment:Writing Center consultant
Research Interests: Culturally responsive teaching and its effects, negative or positive, on African-American composition students
Why ECU? ECU has the best program for those wanting to become English teachers. I have the opportunity to tutor students as well as teach first year writing courses.
Future plans: obtain a Ph.D. in composition and then teach first year composition courses at a college or university

 Bronwen-Forman Bronwen Forman

Undergraduate degree: BA, English, University of Belize
Concentration: Multicultural and Transnational Literatures
GA Assignment: Writing Consultant/Graduate Assistant
Research Interests: The Caribbean and Central America
Why ECU? East Carolina University—through  the late Dr. Gay Wilentz—has forged bonds with the University of Belize that saw Belizeans attend (E.C.U.) and successfully complete different programs of study. As an alumnus of the University of Belize, I was privileged to be taught by two Belizean lecturers who also completed higher level degrees at E.C.U. In short, the prowess they displayed in the classroom made E.C.U. an easy choice.
Future Plans: Upon completion of my M.A., I have hopes of joining the faculty at the University of Belize. Perhaps after more experience, a Ph.D. might be in the horizon.

 Jesse Gay

Jesse Gay

Undergraduate degree: BS, English/English Education, ECU
: Literature
GA Assignment: Writing Consultant/Clerical Assistant for the Tar River Writing Project
Research Interests: Victorian Literature as well as Obscenity in Literature
Why ECU?
I chose ECU for my Masters because I was impressed with the congenial atmosphere among academics as well as the depth of critical theory and research the faculty share and practice (especially in regards to the merits of the English program).
Future Plans: After graduation, I intend on finding a career centered around education. As a long-term goal, I would like to teach literature at the university level as a professor.


Aaron Geer

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English / Creative Writing, Western Michigan University
Concentration: Creative Writing (Fiction)
GA Assignment: Editorial Assistant for North Carolina Literary Review and Writing Consultant at the First Year Writing Studio
Research Interests: Contemporary American Fiction, 20th century literature, the post-modern short story, post-colonial African literature, and the art of fiction writing.
Why ECU?
Offering a vast array of Graduate Assistantships and faculty/staff who are warm and welcoming, ECU seemed like the right fit for me once I visited the campus. ECU also has a number of distinguished publications which afforded me the opportunity to continue my quest in editing for a literary review.
Future Plans: I plan on continuing my endeavor on the ladder of academia and obtain my MFA in Fiction writing, with the ultimate goal of teaching Creative Writing courses at the collegiate level.

 Eric-Hancock Eric Hancock

Undergraduate Degree
: BA, English, East Carolina University
: English Studies
GA Assignment
: Writing Consultant and assistant for Explorations in Renaissance Culture
Research Interests
: Film, American Literature, British Literature, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction Writing
Why ECU?
I wanted to attend East Carolina University for graduate school because I received my undergraduate degree here and was impressed with the English department and what they had to offer. The faculty and staff here are most helpful, and they will continue to challenge me in the English concentration and that made the choice an easy one.
Future Plans: I would like to write and publish my own fiction writing and teach at the collegiate level.

 John-Hinson John Lee Hinson

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English, East Carolina University
Concentration: Technical and Professional Communication
GA Assignment: Writing Consultant/Media Lab
Research Interests: Rhetoric, Technical Communication
Why ECU? I chose ECU because I felt at home here. The faculty is caring and the atmosphere is amazing. I want to help this university continue its proud tradition of helping students and providing them a great education.
Future Plans: My future goals are to become either a composition teacher in a community college or an editor/web designer.

 Crystal Holdefer Crystal Holdefer

Undergraduate Degree: BA, Theatre and English, East Carolina University
Concentration: Technical and Professional Communication
GA Assignment: Writing Consultant & Technical SupportResearch Interests: Currently, my research interests include editor-author relationships and editor-peer review relationships. I'm also interested in researching how tutors help students that have different learning styles with their writing.
Why ECU? I was interested in getting into a program that would help me develop the skills that I needed to become an editor, and ECU's Technical and Professional program was just what I was looking for.
Future plans: After graduate school, my goal is to work my way up to becoming an editor for a book publication company or a magazine.

 emilia-johnson Emilia Johnson

Undergraduate Degree: BS, Design, Meredith College
Concentration: Linguistics
GA Assignment: Writing Center consultant, TESOL/TALGS Assistant
Research Interests: Language loss
Why ECU? When I was considering schools in the NC area, I wanted to be at a program that would offer opportunities to teach as a graduate student and work more closely with my professors. ECU was the best choice.
Future Plans: I hope to continue my academic studies after ECU and work with ESL students in a higher education setting.

 382461_1609994095264_254104073_n Jamie Johnson

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English & Psychology, East Carolina University
Concentration: English Studies
GA Assignment: Writing Center consultant, English department website
Research Interests: functional areas of grammar, psycholinguistics
Why ECU? I had a great experience as an undergraduate student. I started talking to MA students in the program and they all had positive things to say so I thought why not?
Future Plans: My plans are always changing but I don't think I'll ever want to leave the world of academia.

 Jessica-Jones Jessica Jones
 Samuel-Kulvete Samuel Kulvete

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English, University of Vermont
Concentration: English Literature
GA Assignment: Writing Consultant; Contemporary Writers Series
Research Interests: Southern Gothic literature, Modernism, short stories and minimalism
Why ECU? I chose ECU because of the large and vibrant group of students as well as the reputation of the English department.
Future Plans: Teach literature at the university level

 Preston-Mackey Preston Mackey

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English, East Carolina University
Concentration: English Studies
GA Assignment: First-Year Writing Studio Consultant; English Department Web Site Editor
Research Interests:British Literature, Shakespeare, Social Politics, Gender Studies, LGBT Studies, Children's Literature, Fairy and Folk Tales
Why ECU? I chose to pursue the Master of Arts in English because of the range of literature courses offered. In addition, I've come to love the ECU and Greenville area since I entered as an undergraduate in 2007. The caring yet professional atmosphere of the Department and the campus as a whole is something I've enjoyed over the years, and I would recommend the graduate program in English at ECU for anyone who is interested in graduate work.
Future Plans: After I leave with my M.A., I hope to teach English at the college level for a couple of years before pursuing a Ph.D. in literature, likely in British Literature.

 Henry Marx Henry Marx

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English, UNC-Pembroke
Concentration: Linguistics
GA Assignment: Teaching Assistant
Research Interests: Linguistics of American Sign Language, Gender-neutral Pronoun Usage, Development of Jargon, Rhetoric in Popular Culture, Phonology, Morphology, Pragmatics
Why ECU? I have found that ECU is a school that's big enough to provide lots of resources, but small enough to provide individual attention.  Between a large university and a small college, it has the best of both worlds.
Future Plans: I hope to continue teaching composition after graduation and begin pursuing a Ph.D. in Linguistics in the next several years.

 Rose Nelson Rosemary Nelson

Undergraduate Degree:
BS English/reading w/secondary teaching certification
English - fiction writing
GA Assignment:
First Year Writing Studio and Tar River Poetry
Why ECU?
My husband is a tenured finance professor here. I need a new degree to get hired full-time again.
Future Plans:
I hope to teach at a community college and/or return to teaching high school.

 joshua-pittman Josh Pittman

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English and History, Campbell University
Concentration: Literature
Research Interests: Tentatively, Renaissance literature
Why ECU? I was impressed with the number and breadth of literary reviews and journals ECU publishes.
Future Plans: PhD and a university professorship

 jeremy-south Jeremy South

Undergraduate Degree: BA, English, Pacific Lutheran University
Concentration: Literature
GA Assignment: Research Assistant, Writing Consultant
Research Interests: Romantic Literature, Victorian Literature, Postmodern Literature
Why ECU? I like ECU's location, the friendliness of the staff, and the programs offered in the English MA fields.
Future Plans: I would like to pursue a PhD in literature and teach at the collegiate level.

  Lucy Wilmer

Undergraduate Degree: B.A. Humanities, Washington College, MD.
Concentration: Technical And Professional Communication
GA Assignment: Consultant-First-Year Writing Studio, UWC-Joyner and Laupus Library
Research Interests: Disability Studies and problems in doctor-patient communication
Why ECU? ECU is close to home (Beaufort County), and the program I was looking for was right here. The decision was easy!
Future Plans: I would love to work on technical medical documents. Working for either the NIH or CDC would be a dream for me. Alternatively, I would like to teach English in a two-year college.