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Creative Writing Concentration (Concentration Website)

The Master's Degree in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing
is an advanced degree with a specialty in the writing of original poetry,
fiction, scripts and plays, or creative nonfiction. Because ours is a studio
writing program, primary emphasis is on the student's writing experience; students are encouraged to take the writing workshop in their genre of
study as many as three times for credit. The program is designed
according to guidelines established by the Association of Writers and
Writing Programs, which is the primary source for information on creative
writing programs in English. Abiding by AWP's principles, instruction in
the Creative Writing concentration is only offered face-to-face.

The study of contemporary literature and the forms, craft, themes, and
aesthetics of writing are incorporated into the workshops and also offered
in separate seminars. The MA with a Concentration in Creative Writing is
designed for writers who want to continue their study with an MFA, DFA,
or PhD; who wish to become qualified to teach creative writing and/or
English at the community college level; or who simply wish to better their
creative writing.

Course Work and Other Requirements (Graduate Catalog)

Students must complete at least 33 semester hours, of which 18 must
be in the Creative Writing concentration. Students may take a maximum
of 12 hours of workshop classes (ENGL 5840, 5850, 5860, 5890) for credit
towards their degree. Students are required to take a minimum of 6 hours of CW electives (ENGL 6865, 6870, 6880). The 18 semester hours in Creative Writing includes no more than 12 s.h. of workshops and a complement of CW electives to equal 18 s.h. 

Workshops (maximum of 12 s.h.)
Any one workshop may be taken for credit up to three times.   

ENGL 5840: Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 5850: Advanced Fiction Writing  
ENGL 5860: Advanced Nonfiction Writing   
ENGL 5890: Advanced Script Writing   

CW Electives (minimum of 6 s.h.) 
ENGL 6865: Creative Writing  
ENGL 6870: Literature from the Writer's Perspective  
ENGL 6880: Directed Readings in Creative Writing

Research Skills           
ENGL 6009: Research Methods in Language Study
ENGL 6805: Research: The Writer's Perspective
ENGL 7005: Bibliography & Methods
ENGL 7601: Research Design in Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL 7701: Research Methods in Technical and Professional Writing

General Electives
6 s.h.

Students wishing to receive a graduate teaching assignment must
complete Engl 6625: Teaching Composition: Theory and Practice.

Comprehensive Assessment Requirement

 1. Thesis Option: a collection of original poetry, fiction, creative 
     nonfiction, or drama. Produced according to Graduate School 
     criteria.  (6 s.h.)         

 2. Non-Thesis Option: c
ontact Alex Albright for details. A comprehensive assessment project and additional coursework in English (6 s.h.)