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Graduate Catalogs
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog

Thesis and Dissertation Information
The last day for a student to submit a Thesis or Dissertation to the Graduate School for Spring 2014 graduation is Monday, April 21st.

As a part of the thesis/dissertation submission, the student must also submit the Signature Page and ECU's Non-Exclusive Distribution License.  Both of these forms are found on the Graduate School website.

The Graduate School has specific guidelines for the presentation and writing of the thesis or dissertation.  For the prepared templates formatted according to the Graduate School, please see the Elements of Theses and Dissertations.

For information on the Electronic Submission Process, please see the Electronic Submission Process.

PhD Handbook and Appendices
PhD Handbook (pdf)

[August 2011 version] This version expands and/or adds the following information: (1) Time for Completion, expanded and adding specifics about requesting an extension as well as Progress Reviews and Evaluations on pp. 5-6, 10 (2) graduate faculty with adjunct status serving on Dissertation Committees in 3 places, (3) number of dissertation hours and eligibility for departmental support and some forms of financial aid on p. 12, (4) Candidacy Examinations on pp. 14-18, and (5) the Dissertation Process on p. 18-22.

PhD Handbook Appendices (pdf)
[August 2011 version] This version adds and/or revises the following information: (1) Request for Extension form, (2) Progress Review forms for mentors and Dissertation Committee Chairs, (3) Adjunct Faculty and Dissertation Committees, and (4) Dissertation Defense Evaluation form.