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NCLR 2006
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Literature Concentration
(Graduate Catalog)

Area Coordinator: Dr. Margaret Bauer (


The M.A. in English with a concentration in Literature is an advanced degree
focusing on literary study. The program is committed to a well-rounded
approach that emphasizes the study of literary periods, genres, and major
authors in concert with important theoretical methods, such as historicism,
formalism, feminism, and cultural studies.  Students choose from a wide variety
of courses in British, American, European, ethnic, and global literatures as well
as genre courses, such as Folklore and Children's Literature. 

The majority of our courses are taught in a discussion format that values
student interaction and promotes exploration and experimentation.  We
encourage our students to complement their work in literature with classes
from other fields, such as rhetoric and composition, technical and professional
writing, linguistics, creative writing, and film. 

Coursework and Other Requirements

For questions regarding coursework and other requirements, please contact Dr. Margaret Bauer (

Choose one research methods course from the following (3 s.h.)
ENGL 6009 Research Methods in Language Study
ENGL 6702 Research Methods in Technical and Professional Communication
ENGL 6805 Research: The Writer's Perspective
ENGL 7005 Bibliography and Methods
ENGL 7601 Research Design in Rhetoric and Composition

Select two courses from the following (6 s.h.)
ENGL 6151 Eighteenth-Century British Literature
ENGL 6220 American Literature Before 1865

Select two courses from the following (6 s.h.)
ENGL 5150 Topics in the Novel
ENGL 5170 Modern Drama
ENGL 5230 Southern Regional Literature
ENGL 5280 Topics in Poetry
ENGL 6151 British Literature Before 1800
ENGL 6155 British Literature After 1800
ENGL 6195 Topics in Drama
ENGL 6220 American Literature Before 1865
ENGL 6250 American Literature After 1865
ENGL 6270 Literature and the Environment
ENGL 6330 Studies in Latino/a Literatures
ENGL 6350 Studies in Native American Literature
ENGL 6390 Advanced Studies of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Select two courses from any of those mentioned above, as well as from the following (6 s.h.)
ENGL 5330 Studies in Women's Literature
ENGL 6065 Topics in Literary Theory and Criticism
ENGL 6340 Ethnic American Literature
ENGL 6360 World Literature Written in English
ENGL 6370 Caribbean Literature
ENGL 6380 Studies in African Literature
ENGL 6450 Studies in World Indigenous Literatures
ENGL 6515 Advanced Studies in Children's Literature
ENGL 6870 Literature: The Writer's Perspective 
ENGL 7070 Literary Theory
ENGL 7165 English Literature
ENGL 7265 American Literature
ENGL 7365 Selected Topics in Multicultural and Transnational Literature

Electives (6 s.h.)
English courses outside the concentration or from another department.
Note: Students wishing to receive a graduate teaching assistantship must complete ENGL 6625 Teaching Composition:Theory and Practice.

Thesis or Comprehensive Assessment Project (6 s.h.)
 Thesis   (6 s.h.) or Comprehensive Assessment Project and additional coursework in English  (6 s.h.)