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Alumnus Spotlight: Stacey Cochran

2001 graduate Stacy Cochran's novel Eddie & Sunny launched in March 2015. "Ron Rash gave me a nice blurb, and the News &Observer wrote a pretty darn nice review of it," Cochran said. 

An excerpt of the novel was selected as a finalist for the James Hurst Prize for fiction, and the novel itself was selected for publication by Kindle Press as one of the first ten novels acquired via Kindle Scout.

Read Stacey Cochran's full spotlight.


TPC@ECU meets with STC in Raleigh

TPC@ECU (Technical and Professional Communication) had a productive meeting with STC (Society for Technical Communication) Carolina folks this week in Raleigh. Four STC-Carolina representatives hosted TPC@ECU, including Christina Mayr (STC Carolinas President, and an ECU alumna). Christina gave a great presentation on professional development, networking, and mentorship strategies and the transition from graduate work into the profession, and then wove that into a conversation about STC-related resources, professional resources and opportunities in North Carolina, and support for students making the transition to professional careers. An energetic, inspiring question-and answer session and some great dialogue about the relationship between academic preparation and professional resources ended the meeting. Learn more on TPC@ECU's Facebook page.