Tracy Ann Morse

Tracy Ann Morse

Title: Director of Composition & Writing Foundations/Associate Professor
Office: Bate 2210
Phone: 252.737.2040
E-Mail: morset@ecu.edu


Tracy Ann Morse serves as Director of Composition/Writing Foundations. She teaches courses in first-year writing and undergraduate and graduate courses in rhetoric and composition. Her research interests include composition theory and practice; writing program administration theory and practice; religious rhetoric, especially in the American deaf community; and disability studies. Her work has appeared in Rhetoric Review, Disability Studies Quarterly, inventio, and Journal of Teaching Writing.


B.A. Chapman University
M.A. Chapman University
Ph.D. University of Arizona

Research Interests

Composition Theory and Pedagogy
First-Year Writing
Deaf Studies
Disability Studies

Courses Taught

ENGL 8600: Seminar in Writing Studies and Pedagogy: Writing Program Administration
ENGL 7975: Developmental English in the Two-Year College
ENGL 6625: Teaching Composition, Theory and Practice
ENGL 2201: Writing About the Disciplines
ENGL 1100: Foundations of College Writing

Selected Publications and Presentations

Reclaiming Accountability: Using the Work of Re/Accreditation to Improve Writing Programs. Eds. with Wendy Sharer, William Banks, and Michelle F. Eble. Utah State Press. 2016.

Signs and Wonders: Religious Rhetoric and the Preservation of Sign Language. Gallaudet University Press. 2014.

Critical Conversations About Plagiarism. Eds. with Michael Donnelly, Rebecca Ingalls, Joanna Castner Post, and Anne Meade Stockdell-Giesler. Parlor Press. 2013.

“The Perilous Vision of the WPA OS.” With Teresa Grettano and Rebecca Ingalls. The WPA Outcomes Statement: A Decade Later. Eds. Nicholas Behm, Gregory Glau, Deborah Holdstein, and Duane Roen. Parlor Press. 2013.

“‘The Making of a Great Idea’: Cultivating Seeds of Change in the First Year Writing Classroom.” Journal of Teaching Writing 25.2 (with Rebecca Ingalls)

“A Blending of WAW and WID to Fill the Gap: Writing About the Disciplines.” Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference. Raleigh, NC, July 2016. 

“Using Professional Development Opportunities to Achieve Harmony.” Conference on College Composition and Communication: “Risks and Rewards of University-Wide Professional Development on Teaching Writing,” Tampa, FL, March 2015.

Featured Panel “A Cross-Institutional Conversation about Writing in the Disciplines” (with Susan Miller-Cochran and Jessica Saxon). North Carolina Symposium on Teaching Writing, North Carolina State University, February 2015.

“Advocating in the Choppy Waters of the Mainstream.” Conference on College Composition and Communication: “Disabling Rhetorical Advocacy: Professional, Legal, and Pedagogical Intersections,” San Francisco, March 2009.

“A Rhetoric of Difference: A Reality of Disability Studies.” Conference on College Composition and Communication: “Activist Spaces for Civic Engagement,” New Orleans, April 2008.