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Alyson Eggleston

Alyson Eggleston
Teaching Assistant Professor

Office: 307 Erwin Hall
Phone: 252.328.5563

Alyson Eggleston has taught at Purdue University, Universidad de las Regiones Autónomas de la Costa Caribe de Nicaragüense (URACCAN), Youngstown State University, as well as the ECU Language Academy. Her research focuses on crosslinguistic and crosscultural variation in spatial language and cognition, using empirical and qualitative approaches. She has also written or presented on meronymy; spatial path constructions; language universals; issues relating to linguistic and cultural anthropology; as well as Participatory Action Research (PAR). She does fieldwork in the autonomous Atlantic coastal region (RAAN) of Nicaragua, working with speakers and community linguists of Sumu-Mayangna (Misumalpan) and Nicaraguan Spanish (Romance), as well as in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, where she works with Barcelona Spanish (Romance) speakers. She collaborates with an international group of researchers on an NSF-funded project, Spatial language and cognition beyond Mesoamerica, for which she is a senior personnel member. Her articles have appeared in Language Sciences and Lingua, as well as in conference proceedings.


Ph.D. Linguistics, Purdue University
M.A. English, Youngstown State University

Primary Areas of Research/Teaching

Semantic typology: meronymy, spatial reference, spatial path
Typology and universals
Language, culture, and cognition: linguistic relativity
Linguistic and cultural anthropology
Participatory Action Research (PAR)
TESOL methods and pedagogy

Courses Taught
ENGL 1100

Selected Publications and Presentations

Bohnemeyer, J. (with E. Benedicto, A. Capistrán Garza, K. Donelson, A. Eggleston, N. Hernández Green, M. J. S. Hernández Gómez, J. S. Lovegren, C. K. O'Meara, E. Palancar, G. Pérez Báez , G. Polian, R. Romero Méndez, R. E. Tucker.) Marcos de referencia en lenguas mesoamericanas: un análisis multivariante tipológico [Frames of reference in Mesoamerican languages: A typological multivariate analysis]. 2012. In N. England (Ed.) Proceedings of the Conference on Indigenous Languages of Latin America – V. Austin, TX: The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America.

Eggleston, A., Benedicto, E., and Mayangna Yulbarangyang Balna. 2011. Preferred Spatial Frames of Reference in Sumu-Mayangna. Language Sciences, 33(6), (1047 – 1072).

Kemmerer, D., and Eggleston, A. 2010. Nouns and Verbs in the Brain: Implications of linguistic typology for cognitive neuroscience. Lingua, 120(12), (2686 – 2690).

In preparation:

Eggleston, A.Spatial language and cognition in Nicaraguan and Barcelona Spanish varieties.

Bohnemeyer, J. (with E. Benedicto, A. Capistrán Garza, K. T. Donelson, A. Eggleston, N. Hernández Green, M. Hernández Gómez, J. S. Lovegren, C. K. O'Meara, E. Palancar, G. Pérez Báez, G. Polian, R. Romero Méndez, and R. E. Tucker.) Frames of reference in language and cognition: Linguistic and nonlinguistic factors. Cognitive Science.

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