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12th TALGS Keynote Speakers

William Grabe

William Grabe

William Grabe is Regents' Professor of Applied Linguistics and Vice President for Research at Northern Arizona University. He is interested in reading, writing, literacy, written discourse analysis, and content based L2 instruction. He has lectured and given teaching training workshops in over 30 countries around the world. His most recent books are Teaching and Researching Reading (2nd ed.) (with F. Stoller, Rountledge, 2011) and Reading in a Second Language: Moving from theory to practice (Cambridge University Press, 2009). He has also co-authored Theory and Practice of Writing (with R.B. Kaplan, Longman, 1996) and co-edited Directions in Applied Linguistics (Multilingual Matters, 2005). He is a past President of the American Association for Applied Linguistics (2001-2002). He received the 2005 Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award from the American Association for Applied Linguistics.

Fredricka L Stoller

Fredricka L. Stoller

Fredricka L. Stoller is Professor of English at Northern Arizona University, where she teaches in the MA-ESL and Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics programs. She is co-author of Teaching and Researching Reading (2nd ed., 2011, with W. Grabe, Routledge) and co-editor of A Handbook for Language Program Administrators (2nd. ed., 2012 with M.A. Christison, Alta Book Center). She is co-author of Write Like a Chemist: A Guide and Resource (2008, with M. Robinson et al., Oxford University Press). Her professional areas of interest include L2 reading, disciplinary writing, project work, content based instructions, and language teaching methodology and curriculumn design. She was a Fulbright Senior Lecturer in Turkey (AY 2002-03) and a Fulbright Specialist in Timor Leste (2014). She has trained EFL teachers in numerous other countries including Bolivia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Myanmar, Peru, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, and Ukraine.

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