TESOL / Applied Linguistics Graduate Students Conference

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Call for Papers

Research Meets Practice & Practice Meets Research. We encourage submissions from graduate students and professionals whose research and practice fall broadly under the umbrella of applied linguistics and TESL/TEFL. The mission of the conference binds us to prioritize proposals from graduate students and professionals not holding a doctoral degree. If you are interested in submitting but unsure about eligibility, do email East Carolina TALGS at talgs@ecu.edu. We will gladly assist you. We welcome proposals relevant to language use, learning, and/or teaching. Sample fields include applied linguistics & education (e.g., teaching ESL/EFL, English language learners in mainstream classrooms, immersion/dual language programs, or content-based teaching models), English studies, discourse, foreign languages, sociolinguistics, and corpus linguistics. Presentations on action research (inside and outside the classroom), reports on successful teaching practices, works in progress, as well as proposals for discussion sessions and workshops will be considered. Presentations requiring computer facilities can be accommodated. Multiple proposals will be considered. Please see the links to the left to submission and registration information.

Session Formats

Papers| 20 minutes for presentation, 10 minutes for questions and answers

Workshops| 40 minutes for practical, hands-on "presentations"

Discussion Panels| 40 minutes for panel discussion on a specific topic and set of questions

Posters| 60 minutes for poster presentation and display

To submit a proposal, please do so by emailing it to talgs@ecu.edu