Laureen Tedesco

Laureen Tedesco

Title: Associate Professor
Office: Bate 2119
Phone: 252.737.1702
E-Mail: tedescol@ecu.edu


Laureen Tedesco specializes in Children's Literature and collects out-of-print children's books. She has published three essays on gender roles in early Girl Scout handbooks and is now developing articles on an underappreciated evangelical author of the nineteenth century, Isabella MacDonald Alden, who published under the pseudonym “Pansy,” and on Harriett Lothrop, or “Margaret Sidney,” whose husband Daniel Lothrop was Pansy’s publisher.  She presented her research on Margaret Sidney’s letters from children’s periodical editors at Minute Man National Historical Park in Concord, MA, in August 2016, at a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.  She has written on another nearly forgotten nineteenth century writer for children, Jane Andrews. She most frequently teaches ENGL 3950, Literature for Children, and now teaches ENGL 3300: Women in Literature as a class on girlhood and women’s education in literature. Her special topics American Renaissance class on “The Literature of Causes” in Spring 2017 drew together her research interests to explore literature promoting the linked causes of abolition, temperance, and women’s suffrage, as well as education reform. She is a member of the Children's Literature Association and has chaired its Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Committee. In 2015, she prepared a Joyner Library exhibit of letters and memorabilia of North Carolina women missionaries.


B.A. Nicholls State University
M.A. University of Southwestern Louisiana
Ph.D. Texas A&M University

Research Interests

Children's Literature
19th & Early 20th Century Girls' Fiction
Gender in Children's Literature

Courses Taught

ENGL 7005: Bibliography and Research Methods
ENGL 6515: Advanced Studies in Children's Literature
ENGL 6200/4200: The American Renaissance/American Literature, 1820-1865 (Special Topics: The Literature of Causes)
ENGL 4540: Special Topics Seminar
ENGL 4170: Victorian Literature
ENGL 3950: Literature for Children
ENGL 3630: Bible as Literature
ENGL 3300: Women in Literature
ENGL 3010: British Literary History II
ENGL 1100: Foundations of College Writing

Selected Publications and Presentations

An appreciation of Bill and Vera Cleaver’s Where the Lilies Bloom in Mark I. West’s, “Childhood in the New South as Reflected in Children’s Literature: A Forum Featuring Lorinda B. Cohoon, Martha Hixon, Dianne Johnson-Feelings, Kenneth Kidd, Jennifer M. Miskec, Anita W. Moss, Claudia Nelson, M. Tyler Sasser, and Laureen Tedesco.” Southern Quarterly vol. 54, nos. 3-4, 2017, pp. 126-63.

“Redeeming American Culture: Strong Words against Drink in the “Pansy” Novels.” Forty-Fourth Annual Conference of the International Children’s Literature Association, Tampa, FL, June 22-24, 2017.“‘Refined, gentle & grammatical language’: Editors’ Advice to Margaret Sidney, 1877-1882.” Celebration of National Park Service Centennial.  Minute Man National Historical Park, Concord, MA, ENGL. 25, 2016.

“‘Life is too short to be wasted among odious people, young or old’: Margaret Sidney Learns to Write the School Story.”  Forty-Third Annual Conference of the International Children’s Literature Association, Columbus, OH, June 9-11, 2016.

“The Uses of Dying Children in the Evangelical Fiction of Pansy.”   Forty-Second Annual Conference of the International Children’s Literature Association, Richmond, VA, June 18-20, 2015.
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