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We're committed to making your graduate experience rewarding on all levels: professionally, academically, and socially. Students in our online graduate programs value the relationships they've formed with other students, and our program would like to provide as many opportunities as possible for students, faculty, and alumni to network, share their expertise, learn from one another, partner on projects, and simply enjoy each other's company. If you're in our Certificate or MA program, you're part of a community!

TPC has a Facebook group, a LinkedIn group, and a Twitter feed, and we hope you'll join one or more of these groups. You can also participate through TPC@ECU, an online community for all of us in TPC.

Through TPC@ECU, you'll find opportunities to dialogue with other students about current issues in the field, meet program alumni/alumnae, chat about program-run events, and hear news about TPC.

Each current TPC student has a profile space on the TPC@ECU site, and we hope you'll keep your profile updated. Also: participate! A graduate program is as much about community as it is about coursework. Join us here!