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English 1100


          Successful writing is purposeful and audience-specific, and it requires writers to reflect carefully on reading and writing practices, to be aware of conventions that guide those practices, and to employ effective strategies for generating ideas, for gathering information, for organizing materials, and for drafting, revising, and editing their own work. 

          You will write extensively, both formally and informally, often for every class meeting, and you must be prepared to share your writing with your peers on a regular basis. You will be asked to write in a variety of genres, most of which will involve multiple pages of revised prose.

English 1100 will promote your facility with critical reading and writing by helping you to do the following:

·      Discover significant questions to explore and address via writing

·      Explore the many different purposes of writing, including writing to reflect, analyze, explain, and persuade

·      Practice drafting and revising

·      Increase your awareness of organizational strategies and your ability to apply them

·      Become attentive to how audience and purpose affect content, tone, and style

·      Incorporate sufficient and appropriate details and examples both from your experiences and from secondary research

·      Express your ideas with clarity and with effective syntax and punctuation

·      Gain competence in using computer technology in the writing process

·      Schedule and meet deadlines

          English 1100 is a writing intensive course in the Writing Across the Curriculum Program at East Carolina University. In using WI Model # 1: Academic Writing, this course contributes to the twelve-hour WI requirement for students at ECU. Additional information is available at the following site: