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Ethnic studies is an interdisciplinary program that uses cross-cultural comparative methods to explore the diverse histories and cultures of ethnic groups in the US to examine the formation of identities and societies in local, national, and global contexts, and to analyze the social, cultural, and political sources of bias and discrimination.  

By focusing on traditions that belong to or derive from the cultures, races, religions, and languages of a people, the ethnic studies program helps your understand and appreciate the U.S. cultures different from your own and recognize the contributions of all groups to our multicultural nation.

Career Paths

Ethnic Studies enhances many courses of study leading to careers in public and private sectors, such as:

Education  Creative Writing Social Works International Relations
Journalism Law Politics  Public Relations
Public Health Psychology Corrections  Business and Communications

It also prepares you for graduate study in academic and professional fields.

Distance Education

Ethnic Studies offers classes on campus and DE classes as well. Online learning is ideal for those who are concerned about balancing the rigors of an academic workload with full-time employment or family obligations. Our Ethnic Studies DE classes allow students to access their coursework twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Online courses are taught by the same faculty that teach on-campus courses. The level of coursework, required readings, and examinations are the same for online and on-campus courses. Programs are designed with the student in mind, and the instruction is focused on active participation and academic success.


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