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Katherine Ford

Katherine Ford, Honors Faculty Fellow 2015-16

Dr. Katherine Ford, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, has been selected as an Honors Faculty Fellow for 2014-15. Honors Faculty Fellows teach upper division Honors Students, leading Colloquia in Leadership and Service, in Research, Capstone Experiences and Honors Seminars. They also perform advising for scholarship and fellowship students. Dr. Ford is author of a monograph on Politics and Violence in Cuban and Argentine Theater (Palgrave McMillan 2010), as well as numerous articles on Hispanic drama.

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FLL to Host Spanish Linguistics in NC Conference

The 5th Annual SLINKI (Spanish Linguistics in North Carolina) conference will meet at ECU this February 7, 2015 to present research in all areas of Spanish linguistics, with a special focus on NC issues.

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John Given's edition of Priscus

New Book by Prof. John Given

John Given, Director of Classical Studies, has published an annotated translation with historical introduction of The Fragmentary History of Priscus. Attila, the Huns, and the Roman Empire AD 430-476. Arx Publishing 2014.

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Checkpoint Charlie

25 Years Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall

ECU German students together with students from Construction Management erected an effigy of the Berlin Wall in front of Mendenhall and then tore it down, to teach their generation the history of the Cold War and how it affected Germany, as well as how events in Germany affected the United States.

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