B/S/H We tend to assume that in this part of North Carolina everyone speaks English or Spanish, but there are 38 languages spoken by children in our public schools. There are more French and German owned businesses in NC (like Bosch-Siemens-Home Appliance B/S/H/ Group in New Bern at right) than Spanish or Chinese. North Carolina exports more to French speaking countries than it does to China. Employers tell universities that they can train workers in the specifics of the job, but they have trouble finding employees who can read about complex systems and understand them quickly, who write clearly, work collaboratively, and think outside the box. Our majors don't just become translators and teachers, they drive innovation at companies just like this.

Labor analysts tell us that every worker will have 8 or more job changes in a career and by about job #4, those who make it will be inventing their own job descriptions.  So it isn't about matching one degree with one job.  Nearly 2/3 of our students are double majors who add foreign languages to 32 other degree programs: Business marketing, management and economics (10%); Health, Allied Health and Biological Sciences (15%); Physical sciences and Engineering (7%); Social Services fields such as Sociology, Psychology, and Criminal Justice (21%); and the Humanities, History, and the Fine Arts (22%).  Our Russian majors are military officers, double majors in Securities Studies, and students of the ballet, literature and fine arts. Our Classics majors who read Homer and Plato in the original Greek and compose in Latin are among the best at understanding complex systems.

An undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages turns other majors into careers that can be practised internationally, that serve Hispanic communities in North Carolina, or enable more rapid promotion among the foreign owned businesses that employ over 200,000 workers in NC. Employers know that a student who can do what their peers do AND speak a second language AND understand foreign cultures is more likely to be that special employee with the imagination to help the company grow and change.  Our 2nd majors are hired faster, at better pay, and have more rewarding careers.  Read on...





Rewarding careers our graduates enjoy




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