Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Faculty Advisors

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Major Advisors





John Given Classics 3317 6538 givenj
Debra Anderson French Major 3322 6542 andersonde
Anne-Hélène Miller Intended French major/minor 3306 6056 milleranne
Smith, David German Austin 329 5524 smithdav
Elena Murenina Russian RG 200B 5521 mureninae
Purificacion Martinez Spanish 1001-1004, BA, Study Abroad 3308 6522 martinezp
Marcela Ruiz-Funes Teaching Fellows, BS 3320 6045 ruizfunesm
Juan José Daneri Spanish Minor, Graduate Certificate Austin 312 5523 danerij
The Department and most faculty offices are located in the Bate Building (formerly General Classroom). RG is Ragsdale Hall. All phone numbers are (252) 328- prefix. The e-mail suffix is "".