Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Archives: 2002 Faculty Research

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Books & Monographs

  • Fladenmuller, Frédéric H. Jan. 2002. Télescopie. La science du genre d' À la recherche du temps perdu. Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures. Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. Vol. 106, 126 pages.
  • Fladenmuller, Frédéric H. 2001. A novel entitled Les Oiseaux de Pékin, Éditions les 5 Continents, Québec.
  • Standish, Peter. 2001. Understanding Julio Cortázar. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press.
  • Stevens, John A. Feb. 2002. M. Tulli Ciceronis Somnium Scipionis. Bryn Mawr Latin Commentaries.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

  • Anderson, Debra L. Winter 2002. "Teaching Francophone Literature in Translation: Maryse Conde's, I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem." South Carolina Modern Language Review Vol. 1:57-71.
  • Courtney, Ellen. April 2002. "Child Acquisition of Quechua Causatives and Change-of-state Verbs." First Language 22 (1):29-71.
  • Fantazzi, Charles E. 2001. "Poliziano's Fabula di Orfeo: A Contaminatio of Classical and Vernacular Themes." Revista de estudios Latinos 1:121-136.
  • Fantazzi, Charles E. Winter-Spring 2001. "The Neo-Latin Muse." Harvard Library Bulletin Vol. 12.1:13-20.
  • Hattendorf, Richard L. Summer 2001. "Reflections on Inter-Media Reflection in Henri Michaux's Labyrinthes." Dalhousie French Studies 55:82-94.
  • Jensen, Birgit. 2001. "Peter Schneider's Vati: Contesting a German Taboo." Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 43:84-92.
  • Lorenzo, Javier, 2001. "Displacing Petrarch: Christomorphism and Exemplarity in Juan Boscan's libro segundo." Caliope: The Journal of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry 7: 23-37.
  • Martínez, Purificación. 2001. "La historia como vehiculo politico: la figura real en la Cronica de Alfonso XI. Espacio, tiempo, forma." Serie III. Historia Medieval 13:215-231.
  • Mayberry, Nancy. 2001. "Fearful Symmetry in Lope de Vega's La Hermosa Ester." Hispanofila 132:13-23.
  • Mayberry, Nancy, Robert Mayberry. 2002. Modern Spanish Dramatists. Greenwood Press. Page(s) 237-300.
  • Ruiz-Funes, Marcela. May/June 2001. "Task Representation in Foreign Language Reading-to-Write." Foreign Language Annals 34:226-234.

Book Reviews, Proceedings etc.

  • Cerutti, Steven M. Spring 2001. Review of Caesaren und Gladiatoren: Die Macht der Unterhaltung im antiken Rom in American Journal of Archaeology Page(s) 70.
  • Cerutti, Steven M. 2002. Review of Das Spiel mit dem Tod: So kämpften Roms Gladiatoren in American Journal of Archeology Page(s) 343-44.
  • Fantazzi, Charles E. Sept. 2001. Review of Shakespeare and Italy, edited by Holger Klein and Michele Marrapodi. (Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1999) in Choice Page(s) 4888.
  • Fantazzi, Charles E. May 2001. Review of Poets and Critics Read Vergil, edited by Sarah Spence (New Haven : Yale University Press, 2001) in Choice Page(s) 0146.
  • Fantazzi, Charles E. April 2002. The Adages of Erasmus, selected by William Barker. (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001) in Choice Page(s) 4404.
  • Henning, Sylvie Debevec, with Jonathan Slater. Spring 2001. "On-Site French Language and Québec Culture Training for Business and Industry." ERIC, ED 446-437, FL 026-451. Microform.
  • Jensen, Birgit. 2002. Review in Colloquia Germanica Page(s) 342-4.
  • Jensen, Birgit. 2001. Review in Germanic Notes and Reviews Page(s) 184-5.
  • Jensen, Birgit. 2001. Abraxa Bösemiene or Word Order leicht gemacht. Teaching Ideas VI. A Collection of Successful Classroom Strategies: 29.
  • Ruiz-Funes, Marcela. March 2002. Review of How Spanish Works: A Pragmatic Analysis in Hispania Page(s) 489.
  • Schinasi, Michael J. Fall 2001. Review of Nicolas Antonio y la ilustracion española in Bulletin of Hispanic Studies Page(s) 268.
  • Schinasi, Michael J. Ingrid Vernon. Fall-Winter 2001. Craig Stinson, "Taqueria el Perico: la comida mexicana, y la identidad en Carolina del Sur."
  • Standish, Peter. 2001. Review of Jorge Luis Borges: Ficciones in The Bulletin of Hispanic Studies Page(s) 404-405.
  • Standish, Peter. March 2001. "Rafael Alberti: poeta pintor". Almeria: Ayuntamiento de Roquetas Page(s) 293-304.