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Sylvie Debevec Henning



The Chair's Corner
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures



March 2003

Last year the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures established an Advancement Council. Our Advancement Council provides an opportunity for the department's alumni and friends to become more involved with the department, to use their influence and affluence to further the College's goals, and to participate in ensuring its future successes. It provides advocacy, consultation, and support for the Department and the continuing development of its programs. Serving as an advocacy group both on campus and off, the Council helps promote a positive image and good relations for the Department with the rest of the University as well as with the local community, region, state, and nation.

The current Advancement Council members are:

  • Dr. Robert Albanese, Jr. (Alumnus-French)
  • Ms. Marguerite Perry (ECU Emerita-French)
  • Ms. Manolita Buck (ECU Emerita-Spanish)
  • Ms. Sylvia Briley (Alumna-French)
  • Ms. Dolly Hathaway (Alumna-Spanish)
  • Ms. Pia Leahy (Friend)
  • Mr. William Lee (Friend)
  • Dr. Georgia Hooks Shurr (Alumna-French)

At the Advancement Council's inaugural meeting last fall, Dr. Shurr was elected its chair and Ms. Buck its recording secretary. The Advancement Council met again in early March to discuss its advocacy projects. Dr. Shurr and Ms. Perry are particularly interested in finding ways to revive the Governor's Summer Foreign Language Institutes. The council would like to see such institutes incorporated into the Gorsline Project, which the council strongly endorsed.

The Advancement Council will next meet at the end of October when it will continue its discussions of how to promote the study of foreign languages and literatures throughout the region. We thank all its members for their enthusiastic support and look forward to working with them.


Sylvie Debevec Henning


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