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Cerutti Pro Archia

Steve M. Cerutti, ed.
Cicero, Pro Archia Poeta Oratio, (Bolchazy-Carducci 2006).
Cicero's Pro Archia is a defense of literature and the humanities. This AP edition of the Latin text provides grammatical commentary, analysis of rhetorical devices, side-by-side vocabulary, brief bibliography, glossary, and general vocabulary.  The first edition was published in 1998 prior to adoption of this oration as a standard text by the College Board.

Fantazzi: De Officio Mariti

Charles Fantazzi, ed.
J.L. Vives: De officio mariti. Introduction, Critical Edition, Translation and Notes.
This treatise is a sequel to Vives' On the Education of the Christian Woman, published in Brill's series, Selected Works of J.L. Vives. It studies the institution of marriage from a male vantage point, with interesting observations on female psychology, anticipating his later work, De anima. Vives insists more here on the weakness and instability of the woman than in the previous treatise, relying on the biological tenets of Aristotle and Galen. Much attention is given to the choice of a wife and to the husband's role as tutor of his spouse and disciplinarian. The marriage debt is regarded as a necessary evil, as in St. Paul, while the spirituality of the union is exalted. The book was often printed together with the De institutione feminae Christianae and even considered as a fourth book of that work.

Peter Standish: Companion to Mexican Studies

Peter Standish, ed.
The Culture and Customs of Mexico (Tamesis, 2006). This most recent of the Tamesis Companion series traces the evolution of the major creative aspects of Mexican culture from pre-Columbian times to the present. Dealing in turn with the cultures of Mesoamerica, the colonial period, the onset of independence and the modern era, the author explores Aztec arts, the role of the performing arts in the process of evangelisation, manifestations of cultural dependence and of the search for national identity, and the struggle for modernity. He draws examples from such diverse activities as architecture, painting, music, dance, literature, film and media. There is also a brief account of the distinctive characteristics of Mexican Spanish.

Javier Rivas


Javier Rivas won the College Research Award for Spring 2007 for his project to investigate the relationships between word-order typology, which deals with the position of clausal constituents across languages, and relational typology, which deals with grammatical relations in cross-linguistic perspective. Word-order types are generally established in terms of subject and direct object, even though these grammatical relations can only satisfactorily account for the clause structure of accusative languages such as English and Spanish. The purpose of this research is to provide a typology of word order that takes into account the relational type that languages exhibit. In this way, cross-linguistic concomitances can be established without disregarding the idiosyncratic structural characteristics of every individual language.





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