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Nuevos casos, nuevas artes

Javier Lorenzo
Nuevos casos, nuevas artes, (Peter Lang 2007).
Intertextualidad, autorrepresentación e ideología en la obra de Juan Boscán. Currents in Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures, vol. 158.
This book is a study of the work of the Renaissance poet Juan Boscán in relation to the emerging discourses of courtliness, self-representation, imitation, and empire that shaped early modern Spanish culture, and challenges the oversimplified image of Boscán as an irrelevant poet that has prevailed in academic circles on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jill Twark: Humor, Satire and Identity

Jill Twark
Humor, Satire, and Identity
Eastern German Literature in the 1990s
(Walter de Gruyter 2007).
This is the first book in English to survey the Eastern German literary trend of employing humor and satire to come to terms with experiences in the German Democratic Republic and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. As sophisticated attempts to make sense of socialism's failure and a difficult unification process, these contemporary texts help define Germany today from a specific, Eastern German perspective. Grounded in politics and history, ten humorous and satirical novels are analyzed for their literary aesthetics and language, cultural critiques, and socio-political insights. 



Charles Fantazzi

Charles Fantazzi
was awarded an NEH summer stipend to work on his edition, translation, and commentary of The Poems of Michele Marullo for the I Tatti Renaissance Library series from Harvard University Press. Marullo Tarcaniota was a late 15th century Italian poet whose works include four books of epigrams, four books of Hymni naturales with naturalistic and astrological themes modeled on Lucretius, and the fragmentary De principum institutione.

Paul Fallon

Paul Fallon
won the College Research Award for Spring 2008 to work on his book analyzing "Time on the Line: Negotiations of Community, Subjectivity, Nation, and Agency in Northern Mexican Border Narratives". Current theoretical work on cultures of the Mexican-American border treats the borderlands as a spatial abstraction. Yet northern Mexican border writers are concerned with concrete realities and show a temporal sensitivity in their narrative. This study analyzes how works by regional authors generate distinct reckonings of time in describing border experiences. In relating the times of history, memory, consumption, and the body, these narratives contest dominant gender roles and a centralized State; they also question the timing of national literature in a transnational context.

David Smith

David Smith
has been awarded a Faculty Research Visit Grant by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) to visit archives in Leipzig and Erfurt. Smith will analyze the degree to which commemorations of Gutenberg's printing press in 1740 Saxony privilege German speakers over the citizenry of Spain, France and England, each of whom possessed colonies and a recognized standardized language when Germans did not.

Peter Standish

Peter Standish
was named Honorary Professor at University College, University of London.








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