FLL Faculty Fall 2016

Charles E. Fantazzi

Thomas Harriot Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus of Classics and Great Books
Classics, Italian
Neo-Latin and the Humanities Festschrift


B.A. Greek and Latin, Catholic University
M.A. Greek and Latin, Catholic University
Ph.D. Comparative Literature (Latin, French, Italian) Harvard University


Doctor of Humanities honoris causa, University of Windsor
2002. Fellow of The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts
2004. Distinguished Visiting Scholar, The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, University of Toronto


Renaissance Latin literature
Erasmus of Rotterdam, Juan Luis Vives
Italian Renaissance Literature, Virgil


  • CLAS 2000 Greek & Latin lit., Great Books
  • CLAS 4000 Seminar in Classics
  • GRBK 4000 Seminar in Erasmus
  • ITAL 1001 Italian Level I
  • ITAL 1002 Italian Level II
  • ITAL 2220 Italian literature of the Renaissance
  • LATN 3001 Age of Cicero
  • LATN 3002 Age of Augustus
  • LATN 4001 Silver Latin Literature
  • LATN 4523 Medieval Latin


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  • Michael Marullus. Poems. Harvard University Press 2012.
  • The Correspondence of Erasmus. Vol. 13 Letters 1802-1925. Vol. 14 Letters 1926-2081. Series: Collected Works of Erasmus. University of Toronto Press. 2010.
  • A Companion to Juan Luis Vives. Series: Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition. E.J. Brill, Leiden. 2008.
  • Juan Luis Vives, De officio mariti, Critical edition, translation and notes, Brill, 2006.
  • Angelo Poliziano. Silvae. I Tatti Renaissance Library, Harvard University Press. 2004.
  • Juan Luis Vives. De subventione pauperum sive de humanis necessitatibus. Critical edition and translation. (With Constant Matheeussen) Selected Works of J. L. Vives IV, Brill Publishers, 2002.
  • Erasmo de Rotterdam, Adagios del poder y de la guerra. (with Ramon Puig della Bellacasa) Valencia, Pre-Textos. 2000.
  • Juan Luis Vives, The Education of a Christian Woman. University of Chicago Press. 2000.
  • Juan Luis Vives, De institutione feminae Christianae. critical edition, 2 vols. (with Constant Matheeussen) Leiden, Brill Publishers. 1996-98.
  • Juan Luis Vives, De conscribendis epistolis. critical edition, Leiden, Brill Publishers. 1989.
  • Jacopo Sannazaro, De partu virginis. critical edition, (with Alessandro Perosa) Firenze, Olschki. 1988.
  • Early Writings. Selected works of Juan Luis Vives, 1. De initiis sectis et laudibus philosophiae; Veritas fucata; Anima senis; Pompeius fugiens. Introduction, Critical Edition, Translation and Notes. Brill 1987.
  • Translation and annotation of various works of Erasmus of Rotterdam, Collected Works of Erasmus. vols. 25, 66, 71, 81, University of Toronto Press. 1985-present.
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