FLL Faculty Fall 2016
Peter Standish

Name: Peter Standish
Title: Professor Emeritus
Area: Spanish
E-mail: standishp@ecu.edu


B.A., Ph.D. Hispanic Studies, University of Bristol (England)

After studying in Britain and the United States, Dr. Standish taught for many years in England and Scotland, moving to the U.S. in 1991. For much of his career he has been a departmental chair, and he has wide experience in international consulting and accreditation. He is a former President of the European Association of Spanish Professors and also of the Philological Association of the Carolinas.


Dr. Standish has published some ten books and a large number of articles. His prime interest is in modern Latin American literature and in the interrelationship between different manifestations of culture. His recent work has included a book on poetry inspired by painting, and two reference works on Spanish American culture. Having completed a book on the Argentine writer, Julio Cortázar, he turned his attention to Mexico; he has just completed his second book on Mexican culture.


FORL 2661 Latin American Lit. in Translation
SPAN 2441 Latin American Culture and Civ.
SPAN 3340, 4340 Translation
SPAN 3330 Advanced Composition
SPAN 4563 The Boom and Beyond
SPAN 5445 Hispanic Cinema
SPAN 5700 Special Topics
SPAN 6000 Advanced Language Skills
SPAN 6101 Cultural Studies of Sp. America
SPAN 6202 Readings in 20c Sp. American Lit.
SPAN 6521 Special Readings


"Philosophy? Too grand a term. I think that people learn best from teachers who are enthusiastic and committed, from those who care about their subject. On the whole, the smaller the class, the greater the benefits. It is always better if one can help students to discover things for themselves rather than spoonfeeding them."

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