FLL Faculty Fall 2016

Steven M. Cerutti

Associate Professor
Classical Studies
252-328-6031 (phone)
252-328-6233 (fax)
Bate 3325 (office)

Dept. Foreign Languages & Literatures
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858-4353


B.A. English, Classics with Honors, University of Iowa
Ph.D. Classical Studies, Duke University


Fulbright Scholar (American Academy in Rome, summer 1993)
Graduate of The American Numismatic Society Summer Program, 1992

Professional Experience

Associate Editor, The Classical Bulletin, 1992-2006
Director of Multidisciplinary Studies, East Carolina University, 1996-2000
Special Assistant to the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, 1997-2004

Peer Reviewed Publications


  • Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta Oratio (Bolchazy-Carducci 1998, 2nd AP Edition 2006)
  • Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta Oratio, A Stylistic Analysis (Bolchazy-Carducci 1998)
  • Cicero’s Accretive Style: Rhetorical Strategies in the Exordia of the Judicial Speeches (Rowman & Littlefield 1996)


  • Cerutti, S. M. (2003). Introduction to Completely Parsed Cicero, (pp. 3). Lou Bolchazy (Ed.) Bolchazy-Carducci.
  • Cerutti, S. (1996). Foreword to Cicero's Pro Caelio: Advanced Placement Edition, Aaron Baker, Gaby Heubner (Ed.) (pp. vii-viii). Bolchazy-Carducci.
  • Cerutti, S. (1993). "A List of Greek Stems and Roots." In Gerda Seligson (Ed.) Greek for Reading, (pp. 158-169). University of Michigan.


  • Cerutti, S. (1998). "P. Clodius and the Stairs of the Temple of Castor." Latomus, 57.2, 292-305.
  • Cerutti, S. (1997). "The Location of the Houses of Cicero and Clodius and the Porticus Catuli on the Palatine Hill in Rome." American Journal of Philology, 118, 417-426.
  • Cerutti, S. (1995). "The Seven Eggs of the Circus Maximus." Nikephoros, 6, 167-76.
  • Cerutti, S. (1995). "Brutus, Cyprus, and the Coinage of 55 B.C." The American Numismatic Society, 5-6, 69-87.
  • Cerutti, S. (1994). "Further Discussion on the Delivery and Publication of Cicero's Second Phillipic." Classical Bulletin, 70.1, 23-28.
  • Cerutti, S. (1993). "James May's Trials of Character and Current Trends in the Scholarship on Ciceronian Persuasion." Classical Bulletin, 69, 83-88.
  • Cerutti, S. M. & Richardson, L. (1989). "Vitruvius on Stage Architecture and Some Recently Discovered Scaenae Frons Decorations." Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 48, 172-179.
  • Cerutti, S. M. & Richardson, L. (1989). "The Retiarius Tunicatus of Suetonius, Juvenal, and Petronius." American Journal of Philology, 111.1, 589-594.
  • Cerutti, S. M. & Bush, A. C. (1986). "A Use of the Term Frater in the Pro Caelio." Classical Journal, 82, 37-39.


  • Cerutti, S. M. (2004). "Brill's Companion to Cicero." New England Classical Journal, 32 (4), 378-382.
  • Cerutti, S. M. (2004). "Alison Futrell's Blood in the Arena." American Journal of Archaeology, 109.3, 17-19.
  • Cerutti, S. M. (2001). "Das Spiel Mit Dem Tod: So Kampften Roms Gladiatoren." American Journal of Archaeology, 343-44.
  • Cerutti, S. M. (2001). "Caesaren und Gladiatoren: Die Macht der Unterhaltung im antiken Rom." American Journal of Archaeology, 70.
  • Cerutti, S. M. (2000). "Sport im antiken Rom." American Journal of Archaeology, 816.
  • Cerutti, S. M. (1993). "Ovid: Sorrows of an Exile (Tristia)." Classical Bulletin, 69 (2), 123-125.
  • Cerutti, S. M. (1993). "A Historiographical Commentary on Suetonius' Life of Caligula." Classical Journal, 328-329.
  • Cerutti, S. M. (1992). "Cicero, the Senior Statesman." Classical Bulletin, 68 (2), 95-97.


  • When Greek Goats Sing Sad Songs: A Beginner’s Guide to Reading (and Enjoying!) Greek Tragedy (Independent Press 2006)
  • The Words of the Day, The Unlikely Evolution of Common English (Rampant Press 2005)


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