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Juan Escourido 2017

Juan Escourido

Assistant Professor
Hispanic Studies
252-328-6207 (phone)
252-328-6233 (fax)
Bate 3315 (office)
Dept. Foreign Languages & Literatures
East Carolina University Mailstop #556
Greenville, NC 27858-4353


BA Humanities, University of A Coruña
MA Hispanic Studies, University of Salamanca
PhD Hispanic Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Professor Escourido has published two books: a bilingual French-Spanish play, Aprenda a maleducar un cerdo en diez simples pasos, and an essay of cultural critique, Periféricos: Antonio Trujillo, Juan Larrea y Enrique Dussel. Borrowing from Digital Humanities and New Media studies, his dissertation proposes a critical reappraisal of pre-1700 Iberian productions, emphasizing the interplay between their ludic underpinnings and politics, aesthetics, performance, and textual signification. This dissertation forms the basis of two book-length manuscripts in progress: one on Alfonso X's emotional regime; another on medieval and digital poetics, with special emphasis on Juan Ruiz's Libro de buen amor and hacker culture. He has published several articles on Medieval and Early Modern Iberian culture, as well as introductory studies to contemporary Spanish poet Eduardo Scala's La semilla de Sissa and Repetición de Ajedreces y Arte de Amor.

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