Bate 2001, Open Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm

The FLRC has an educational mission to complement the teaching of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Students who would like additional help with their foreign language courses, or wish to make use of the lab's expertise in foreign language software, computer and A-V technology, including communicating with native speakers in other countries, should take full advantage of this marvelous free resource provided by the university.

The center includes state-of-the-art smart classrooms, a student fee supported computer lab with specialized foreign language software, an extensive foreign film library, and provides free onsite tutoring for the Modified Spanish program, and some volunteer tutoring in other languages.

Located in Bate 2001 (one floor below the Department offices), the suite consists of a computer lab (2009) with 23 PCs, 5 I-Macs, specialized foreign language software, and a scanning station; two multimedia classrooms (2003, 2011); a Socio-Linguistics and engaged research laboratory ( SoCIOLing Lab) for faculty-sponsored undergraduate and graduate research, with recording and speech analysis software (2001B) and an office for engagement and outreach (2001A); a tutoring space for the modified program (2001D); an equipment and storage room (2001C); and a collection of foreign language videos and DVDs.

The Resource Center offers specialized help with use of software accompanying instructional textbooks and software for foreign language composition. The center places many required listening materials online through its website, and its staff offer an introduction to these materials, and assistance with technical difficulties of using software and accessing audio files at home.

The Resource Center coordinates online foreign language placement testing. If you have any questions about placement, please contact Sharon Peterson ( in the dept. office 3rd floor Bate, 252.328.6232.

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