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Centennial Procession


Let us take this opportunity to celebrate you, our wonderful alumni, who have taken the knowledge of foreign languages out into the world to make it a better place. It is for your sake that East Carolina University was established, and in a real sense, it is on your shoulders that the legacy of our university and especially our department rests.

We hope that you will take a moment to consider how much it means to our current students and our department to be able to offer scholarships, scholarly conferences, and to recruit the best students and faculty. As a state institution, we must be thrifty with the taxpayers' money, and we operate on as modest a budget as our duty to educate the young allows. To do extra things socially and academically, we rely on your generosity.

We need your support to help attract the best faculty to teach the young men and women following in your footsteps, and to persuade the best students that the study of foreign languages is not only key to the finest intellectual attainments, but vital to the people of Eastern North Carolina, to our communities and to their connectedness with the world.

It is no longer the way it once was, when even small distances preserved differences between communities. Now the world is becoming completely interconnected and the goods in our Walmart stores were in Chinese ports only days ago, and corporations from Germany and Japan manufacture products in our towns.

The department offers some of the most intellectually rigorous programs in the University, with students in one room reading Homer in the original classical Greek, and those in another room discussing the effects of reunification on Berlin auf Deutsch. They attend the Russian film series by night, welcome Great Books speakers by day, go out into the schools and hospitals and translate for migrant parents, and they hope to find the money to study abroad in Santander, or Tours, or Saratov, study which is so vital to a foreign language major. Your kind gift makes possible these and the countless other opportunities we offer.

The Department has two endowment funds, one specifically for scholarships and a general fund which supports all other purposes including especially recruitment. If you would like to discuss making a donation to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, give us a call at the number below, or drop me a line at romerf@ecu.edu. If you would like to make a simple cash donation, there is an online form you can use. Under "Please select", choose "College of Arts & Sciences"; in the next menu, choose "Foreign Language Department". There is also a printable mail-in form. (On that form, write in "Dept. Foreign Languages" under "other"). Gifts other than cash are also certainly possible. Scott Wells from the Office of University Development would be pleased to help with more complex donations (wellss@ecu.edu).

If you are giving again, please accept our thanks for your generosity through the years. And if this is your first time, please know that it means the world to us. And don't be shy about small gifts. Any amount you would like to give will help us do truly great things. Thank you so very much! If we may answer questions or be of service, please contact us,