The internship provides students with practical experience in the use of the foreign language and the opportunity to develop cultural competence under the supervision of practicing Sponsors in different professional fields. It affords experiences that will help students develop their linguistic and cultural competence, obtain professional experience, and develop self confidence. It offers students the opportunity to test their aptitude and commitment to a field of professional activity and help clarify future career goals. At the same time, student interns contribute to the mission and goals of the sponsor so that both parties benefit from the internship.

Student interns perform professional services in the foreign language for an appropriate sponsoring agency, business, or organization for a total of 42-126 contact hours. The internship may serve as the capstone experience of students' academic preparation for working in a professional environment, and may be pursued in a variety of fields including but not limited to business, criminal justice, health sciences and social services. Faculty supervisors from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures organize and provide indirect supervision of field placements. An on-site field supervisor directs and evaluates students’ activities at the business, agency or organization. Faculty supervisors evaluate written assignments, and, in consultation with the field supervisor, assign grades. The student, field supervisor and faculty supervisor maintain communication concerning professional development, issues, policies, and evaluations.



  • Association of Mexicans in North Carolina
  • Comisión Latina en SIDA (AIDS)
  • Down East Council for Hispanic/Latin Affairs
  • Hispanic Community Center in Goldsboro
  • Latin American Coalition
  • Pathways to Life
  • Student Action with Farm Workers
  • NC Justice Center
  • East Coast Migrant Head Start Project
  • ECU School of Dental Medicine.


For more information, contact Prof. Dale Knickerbocker, Director

For students who are interested in working abroad, the Riley Guide can help with placement.




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